Bermuda Grass 4" below final grade

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by StuBaby, Jul 1, 2003.

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    Hello, great BB you all have here. I'm just getting started in the business, and already, I think I have bitten off more than I can handle.
    My client has had a time with his home, poory constructed in 1985, the whole front rotted away 3 years ago and needed to be rebuilt. He decided to make lemonade out of lemons and add a large covered porch, retaining wall, circular driveway, whole front of house now covered in 1" of stucco and flagstone. He had a bad time with contractors of questionable integrity and project lasted close to 2 years. Everybody mixed their concrete and washed their mixers on his front yard. Between the concrete water waste infiltrating 40% of his yard (total yard ~25,000 sq ft) and the bobcat he used to move dirt around, his yard is one big cinderblock. We had a drought last year in NC and only Bermuda Grass grew. Last July he had the only green yard (Bermudagrass) because no one was allowed to water their lawns.

    Given his yard had a Moh's scale hardness of 10, he tilled it to pieces and of course, infested his soil with Bermuda grass. Now little wires are popping up all over, but most of the property is exposed clay. He has graded his property 4" below its final grade and plans to put 4" of top soil over it, install sprinkler system and seed. He is overwhelmed and has requested my services.

    I am aware of how nasty Bermuda grass is and it seems that it is bound to return no matter what I do for him. Given that he plans to place 4" of topsoil over this mess, and that right now, he has only clay and spriggs of Bermuda, that we are coming into the hottest months of the summer, I feel I have some time to be as aggressive as possible before seeding in 2 months.

    I need a cost and time conservative approach for him as he spent most of his budget on rebuilding his home. What combo of chemicals would be best? Should I even waiste my time with a Pre-m?. Would a permeable barrier make anysense before adding topsoil? Should I encourage him to sod instead of seed and get a quicker established root bed to prevent wires from popping through?

    Your advice would be most welcome. I have a funny feeling this project will haunt me .

    Thanks !
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    What part of NC are you in? I have a few suggestions but was wondering what the long term goal is...what type of grass?
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    My client lives in Greensboro. As far as grass goes, the neighbor's have a Fescue, I'm afraid if I go with anything else, there'll be too much of a color/seasonal difference without any physical separator between the two. The lawns flow together.

    Of course, right now, the neighbor's lawn flows into my client's clay yard with Bermuda whiskers. If I advise him to go with sod, I don't think the grass type differences between ajoining yards will be an issue and he'll choose what he likes based on the palettes available to him.

    I appreciate your help '|:)

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