Bermuda Grass - Am I peein' in the wind?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vencops, Aug 16, 2011.

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    I never understood the concept of trying to keep a cool season grass in the South. Sure it will stay green in the winter, but from spring until frost it is an uphill battle trying to keep it alive. Can't fertilize it to keep it green, can't water it enough to keep it hydrated.

    Ornamec + Turflon if you must hurt the bermuda, however this is a multiple application over multiple growing seasons type of program. There might be a good reason why the neighbors all have bermuda. I do know that the seeds for bermuda remain viable in the soil for a long time.

    In your shoes, I would start mowing with a reel, fertilizing at 1 lb of N per month during the growing season of the bermuda, then nuke the last of the fescue that remains with Revolver or Image. It is probably easier long term to keep the bermuda. As an aside, the extreme heat and drought in the South is not a fluke or a rare occurrence. It is probably related to a long term weather pattern known as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. In plain English, that means that the South gets hotter and drier, my part of the world gets cold, windy and rainy. I am getting an abnormal amount of wind and rain for August in Hawaii. It is also way cooler than what is usual. Has not gotten up to 90 here yet, where in years past, I see 90 starting in March. This weather pattern usually persists for at least 10-20 years on average, hence the name.
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    Nobody has an all bermuda lawn in this neighborhood....nor does anyone want it.

    Beauty's in the eye of the beholder. To many of us, bermuda grass is a WEED.
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    I agree Ven. Common Bermuda is not a great southern grass. That's the difference here. It's light green, gets leggy even when mowed properly, and is a common looking warm season grass weed. Improved bermuda is a different story but i would still convert to Zoysia or consider overseeding program.

    I've tried tenacity with ornamec and turflon. 24hr browning of leaves of common bermuda with browning in leaf nodes too. The key i hear from Shawn Askew from VaTech is the fall app timing is key. Grass is converting food stores to deepest roots at that point and will carry chemical if timed right.

    It self seeding is not an issue here in central Va due to what i think is the freezing. Even though it is dormant, i believe enough damage is done to young plants to keep them from making it. Usually it just spreads imo. VaTech should have something in the next year or two to really start a solid suppression program and eventually be able to start to use the word "control". Chem suppliers really are weary of using that word if you can't get 98% or better kill. Summing up...tenacity may be key but dual fall apps right before dormancy is the trick so far.
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    Honda D

    Bermuda is like that Popular American Pig Motorcycle that always comes in last in comparison tests with the European and Japanese same size Motorcycles. It might be a loser but there are groups of individuals that swear by it and are willing to Pay big bucks for it.
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    As far as Bermuda grass is concerned.......if fertilized correctly..........allowed to grow tall......watered and then baned, it makes a perfect forage crop for livestock. Otherwise, I am a Zoysia grass person.

    Bermuda is for the low budget consumer whom wishes to have nothing to do with their lawn.

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