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Bermuda grass question

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LawnSite Member
I have a customer that has some Bermuda grass in her lawn in patches and mixed in with blue grass. She wants the Bermuda grass gone and sod put in its place. My question is - what is the most effective and best way to get rid of Bermuda grass. I’ve talked with some people around here and they say that is really, really difficult to get rid of. One guy I talked with said that he had a lawn where he had to put round up on five times to kill it - not sure I believe this one though. Will just cutting it with a sod cutter get rid of it??? Or will it come back from the roots left in the ground??

Any thoughts, advice, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.



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Gambrills, MD
I've sprayed it 5 times in a season and still had it come back. Don't guarantee that you'll get rid of all of it. Also start spraying it when it starts growing, don't hit it early, you're just throwing roundup away.:dizzy: :dizzy:


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if bermuda is on a grade leave it alone as its best thing to hold in grades.

otherwise cut it out and relapce it with sod customer likes and will agree to water 15 minutes daily for next 30 days in addition to any rainfall.