Bermuda + Sand = A match made in heaven

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NickN, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. NickN

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    I've always touted how great sand is for bermuda,centipede,and St.Augustine.
    Proof is in the pics.
    This sand is left over from topdressing my front lawn.Just dumped in an out of the way place.Bermuda is Common,but all bermudagrass loves sand.Remember how I said bermuda will grow towards sand.It will also grow through 18 inches of it.Sand has been in place for two months.
    <img src ="">

    This is a pic of the root system grown in sand.No watering or fertilizer (except for rainfall and neighborhood cat poop,which now use this as the local litter box )
    <img src="">
  2. Pecker

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    Grows even better if you make a rootzone mixture for it: 70% sand, 20% topsoil, 10% peat. But get the mixture right. Even a little deviation can hinder your efforts.
  3. Avery

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    Yep. I always giggle at the so called landscapers in my area the feel it neccesary to put down top soil before laying bermuda sod. Bermuda loves sand.
  4. jphag

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    Where are your pictures?

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