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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Sweet Tater, May 19, 2009.

  1. Sweet Tater

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    I am man enough to take the heat,and new enough to have made a mistake in sodding the front lawn for a customer. My problem is I cant figure ut the problem, the symptom is : there are 2 sides to the front lawn, both identical seperated only by a side walk, one side gets a little morning sun (no more than an hour) the other side get afternoon sun (no more than about an hour also) both sides drain well after a rain and does not stay soggy. The sod was laid about 3 months ago while still dormnt. The morning sun side is nice and green and needs a mowing now. The afternoon sun side needs a funeral, there actually is a sign of life theres some green comming in but is only about 10% as green as the morning side. both had starter fert, both have the same amount of rain, both have a high N fert about 12 days ago, still nothing. I have 2 weeks to make it green before she wants me to remove the sod and replace it with something else. Please help,

    Tater :cry:

    Ps this is a extreemly high visability house right down town and so my rep depends on this. I am lost now
  2. mngrassguy

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    Do a soil test before doing anything else
  3. bigslick7878

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    Pretty odd to be quite honest with you.

    I wish I could help you out.

    Soil test and see if there is anything funny with it like grass guy said.Might want to ask the homeowner if anything was "riinsed" in that area or if anything else could have somehow gotten in the soil.

    Pics might help.
  4. Sweet Tater

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    Holy smoly, you rang a bell, she had the inside of the house painted not long after I layed the sod, and I saw evidence of them rinsing the rollers and stuff in the lawn, didnt think much of it at the time since the sod was still dormant, soil test tomorrow, maybe they will be buying new sod instead of me
  5. bigslick7878

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    There you go.

    But one thing,the soil test isn't going to tell you much if they were rinsing ON TOP of the sod.That and of course the sod soil will be different than what you laid it on top of.....but thats kind of beside the point.

    If that was the case,more than likely the leaf part of the grass got affected and not deep down in the soil....and the grass probably died when they did that.Just like when you spray a lawn to kill it off,only the leaf is affected and not the soil.Im not saying some of it couldnt have drained into the soil,but I doubt it had much of an effect if it did.

    I would get the soil test anyway,but dont be surprised if it comes back normal.

    Just explain to the homeowner that its no coincidence they were washing toxic materials on that side and it died,while the other side came in fine.Im sure they were trampling all over it as well,which doesnt help matters either.
  6. mngrassguy

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    That'll do 'er

    Try this. Take some soil from the bad area and put it in a styro cup. Bring it home and toss some seed on it with a little starter fert (or any fert without weed control) for that matter. Put it in a sunny window. Keep it watered. You'll know in 2 weeks if the soil is bad
  7. WPLE

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    I didn't think of that John. Got to love the painters. If they aren't washing out there brushes in the yard they are throwing cigarette butts in it!!! The soil test will take a while to come back, just a heads up for you. I'll throw a box in the truck for you. I got a big handful last time I went to the co. agents office.
  8. hmartin

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    Can you post a picture of this? It would have taken a ton of paint brush washing to have prevented the prevented a a whole side of the yard from growing. I can imagine a bunch of dead grass right outside the door, but come on, the whole side of the lawn?

    Bermuda will never grow with one hour of sunlight. Bermuda looks terrible and is very thin with less than a half day of sunlight. Are you sure that both areas are only getting one hour of sunlight?

    If you have to redo, use zoysia.
  9. cgaengineer

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    Are you positive about the sunlight? Nothing will kill bermuda faster then lack of sunlight...not even Round Up! You may try to get the lady to place some markers in the areas that get shade/sun marked with time of day and go from there. An hour of sunlight will not allow bermuda to survive along with many other grasses. We laid sod at my parents last season and they had some left over that we placed in a shady area and it was thin in a month and dead this season.

    I do agree about soil testing and the high probability of paint residuals in the soil but I have rinsed brushes on a bermuda lawn before and it didn't even leave a brown spot.

    I do not make it a habit of rinsing brushes in a lawn but you surely don't want paint in a septic system.
  10. Sweet Tater

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    Wes, thanks, Shane and I stopped by there first thing this morning and got one, going to get the sample tomorrow. BTW Mr Brown said no :(

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