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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ricsin1, Jul 31, 2011.

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    im done with trying to maintain my fescue over the summer in atlanta, ga! i have a bermuda front lawn that is perfect........ but my backyard and both sides are fescue. I have the BEST LOOKING LAWN up until around June - then July comes and cooks the fescue..... of course im not watering as much as i should ( ok...never!! ) but i have NEVER watered my bermuda front lawn and it looks awesome......

    now im just want to replace the fescue with bermuda .. what the best way to do this......? can bermuda be grown from SEED ? or do i need to use SOD..? i have about 2000 sq feet to to cover.... the CHEAPEST alternative seems to be SEED....? i think?

    would it be better to SOD the lawn..? when is the best/cheapest time to purchase bermuda sod..?

    When comparing SOD - vs - SEED which is better?
    What about hydroseeding?
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    Trying to grow fescue in Atlanta is a losing battle. You are making the right choice. Bermuda grown from seed is usually common and you don't want that.
    There are some other seeded varieties out there but to get them right you have to plant in the spring. Irrigation is needed and you have to baby it to get it growing. You can get 419 hybrid bermuda sod - the same grass that is in almost all southern golf course fairways - for 60.00 a 500 square foot pallet. You can sod up until two weeks before the first frost. Instant lawn - instant gratification. That's what i would do.
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    There are some improved hybrids available in seed: Yukon, P-77 and Sahara just to name a few. However, it is too late to plant this year. If we get a hard freeze, the bermuda that sprouted will not survive (ask me how I know).

    Sod is a much better idea. 419 (AKA Tiway II) is cheap in Atlanta. Usually $75-80 per pallet. It does not tolerate shade, though. If you have any shade you can now get TifGrand Bermuda at roughly $160 per pallet.
  4. ricsin1

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    Thank you both....

    When you say 419 (AKA Tiway II) does not tolerate shade - how much shade are we talking ....i have an area of backyard that is shaded by a large pecan tree BUT as the sun moves so does the shadowing. so the area DOES get sun but I want to be sure if this 419 can handle SOME shade or should I get a couple of pieces of the SHADE TOLERANCE sod variety for underneath that tree

    how much sun does the 419 need per day light period to thrive....?

    also when is the BEST TIME to do this...? when is the BEST TIME to purchase bermuda sod...? i have a fescue lawn now that full of brown spots ... could i kill this all now and do this sod now or should I wait to do this next spring AFTER the first thaw?

    HOW do you do this? kill off fescue do you have to do any tilling to break the ground up to get good contact with the dirt of can you just kill fesue , slin the lawn , then place sod on top ?
  5. agrostis

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    419 doesn't tolerate shade at all. Get some tifgrand for the tree. 419 needs 8-10 hours of full sunlight a day. Right now would be the best time to sod. Buying sod right now means your getting maximum growth for your dollar.

    You can kill the fescue and lay the sod right on top of it. No tilling required. Just make sure you get good sod to soil contact and keep that sod watered for two weeks.

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