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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yardboyltd, Jul 7, 2001.

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    Guys I have a question about my own yard. Bermuda is taking the area over by storm. Many people trying to get rid of it with no luck. Round-up, then tilling, and UV filtered plastic tarps over it works to no luck. I want to start to uniform my lawn. I have bermuda growing in my front yard. 15' x 30' patch in my rough bluegrass/fescue yard. Should I A) Attempt to kill it and and plant new grass which could be tough. If so any tried and proven methods? Or B) Submit to the Bermuda and plug the entire yard, which I have two questions about. Bermuda doesn't grow well in shade. What's a good shade grass that would blend well with bermuda? Also how do guys take care of Bermuda taking over beds and bushes. It already killed one small evergreen. It grows under ground to as much as 8". Should I dig and pour barrier? Tell me how you guys "do it in the south"? Thanks.
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    I have the same thing burm & fescue. Burm must be cut every week because it's a crawler. Its cross a sidewalk if you let it. So you must keep it up. Also try using your edger around the beds when you mow. and the shady areas use burm will thin out it's needs the sun
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    Once you get bermuda in your bluegrass or fescue lawn, it can be difficult to remove. What I do is spray it with round up. dig it out the best I can and reseed. Be prepared because it doesn't always work. Make sure you use the roundup on the bermuda before it goes dormant in the fall. It really is tough.

    The best way to keep it out of your beds is to trench your beds twice a year, Use your trimmer in an upright position on the beds every week, and pull the runners by hand about every three weeks. Bermuda in beds can be a pain. Good Luck
  4. KirbysLawn

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    If you are licensed spray the Bermuda with Fusalade II and Iron. Get on a good pre-m program and it should be managable. Use Round-Up as a last resort.
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    I think I'll just go with plugging bermuda. My succesful cool season lawn neigbors will love me!! Anyone tried a hard, plastic barrier/edging underground? I've read that Bermuda has been know to travel down to 6" even 8" sometimes. I wonder if it would work if I put one of these in to about that depth all the way to ground level, then add curbing? I'd love to have one of those curbing machines...
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    Bermuda roots can and will grow 14+ inches deep. If you put down a deep barrier and you do not have raised beds, bermuda re-seeds itself and when trimming the seed heads will be thrown back into the beds.
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    Here's my final unaswered question: What grass blend well with Bermuda. I'm looking for something that is shade tolerant because I have large elm and maple trees. Also something that will survive at the same height bermuda is cut and stays green when bermuda is if possible. Thanks
  8. KirbysLawn

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    Maybe Zoysia, it gets very thich and could kick bermuda to the curb! :)
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    I think buffalograss is native to your area. Plant it and it will actually overrun the bermuda. I have dug a trench over 1 ft deep all the way around my beds. Then put a landscape fabric in and refilled the trench. Then I laid stone with the fabric behind it. This way the bermuda runners on top and underground can't get into my beds. Once it gets in, its really hard to get rid of. Most people around here think its the greatest grass. I think its a sodded weed!
  10. CSRA Landscaping

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    FusiladeII, from Lesco.

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