Bermuda with Fescue Overseed

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by twstd02, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. twstd02

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    I laid about 700 s.f. of Bermuda last October. I believe my gardner/friend spreaded out Fescue seed, not rye grass. I cannot kill the fescue off! Im almost to the point of ripping the grass off and starting over with Fescue instead.

    I will get pictures very soon.

    What can I put on my lawn to help it out?
  2. twstd02

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  3. Chill "Cuts" Lawn Care

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    I posted a question about getting fescue out of a centipede yard a few weeks ago. Guy named Happy Frog told me that Atrazine would do the trick. Have not tried it yet though. I haven't seen it in any stores in my area.
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    Corsair is labeled to kill fecuse. I have used it many times but its not as good as they claim. It take at least a couple aplications for best results. Its just too expensive for multiple treatments. I think its about $100 for 2oz.

    Revolver is supposed to work too but that is pretty costly too.

    If its not a large lawn it will probably be cheaper to just pull it by hand.

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