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    I had a call today from somebody with a bermuda lawn. Under their tree, there is an area that won't grow (29x20). They were wanting me to sod the affected area with zoysia. Is that going to solve anything? Also, these grasses are a totally different look. What would your advice be?
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    Both bermuda and Zoyzia are spreading grasses. Most likely, if the bermuda wont live or spread to under the trees, the zoyzia wont either. To get the bermuda to grow in the affected areas, you must first correct the problem that is keeping the grass from living there. Under trees, you usually can have several different problems or combination of problems, low fertility, lack of sufficient moisture, and to much shade. Correct these problems first and you will most likely find that the bermuda grass will creep into the effect areas without having to resort to sodding or seed.
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    I think the main problem is the shade. The tree is near the house with a hedge down the side.
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    Sounds like a great place for a natural area.:)
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    If the degree of shade is bad enough , no grass will grow . You might be able to remove some limbs to go from total shade to filtered sunlight , if that can be done , bermuda might grow there - definately a bad move to add zoysia - you can't mow them at the same height and I don't think they look good together . If the client insists , it seems that you need to do what they want - but the other guys are right , grass just won't grow in total shade . However , a lot of shrubs and ground covers will work very well.

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