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  1. dbartok

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    What is the best way to keep bermuda grass from creeping into the landscape beds?
  2. zima

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    Keep a good edge and weekly maintenance during growing season, if it is a new customer most of the time they need a good bed clean up you can always charge for a bed clean up on the first month of service
  3. tjsquickcuts

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    Just edging will not stop the Bermuda, because the runners will just root lower. You edge the beds at least 5 to 9 inches then maintain it wil a line trimmer. Any other way then you are wasting your time. But I do agree, you also have to rid it from the beds as well. Most you will have to hand pull, but the rest if you are lic. you can spray. Good luck and hope I have helped.
  4. LawnBrother

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