best 21" for bagging and mulching Honda commercial or Toro commercial?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KingMoneyNYC, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. KingMoneyNYC

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    So far the consensus on this seems to be that these are the two all around best 21" walk behinds...I want know which is the most heavy duty and easiest to switch between bagging and mulching? Also, since these are for commercial use do you think it makes more sense to get a push powered one? or should I just get a self-propelled, I figured it would just be another thing to go wrong
  2. jameson

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    Respecting the HRC216 (both new and older design), it's a an expert bagger and the MicroCut blade design with the "blockoff" chute does a good job mulching; now whether it's as good at mulching as a 21" Toro, I couldn't say.
  3. KingMoneyNYC

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    what do you think of the self propelled versus push propelled james?
  4. bill8379

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    If you have one yard a push might be ok but if you're in the business I would only consider self propelled especially if you're bagging.

    The toro commercial actually bags very well but the bag itself is a pain to empty. I actually much prefer the bags on the cheaper Toros at least with them you could put a bag over it and dump it. The Commercial toros have a door on them and you basically have to dump it into a barrel and bag, shake it up and down several time but it does bag very well.
  5. KGR landscapeing

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    ya pushing around after you been walking or trimming all day isnt fun get the drive. I dont think you could go wrong with a toro or honda either one is good
  6. S man

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    Toro does bagging and mulching pretty good. But the next 21 I buy will be the exmark version with the easier to use handle and controls. Also it doesn't have those kickers under the deck so it should get better airflow for bagging.
  7. bill8379

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    Yeah, I noticed on my brand new toro 21 heavy duty, that the bag doesn't seem as taut and inflated like the cheaper toro that i was using. But I usually mulch but yesterday I had to bag a yard that was 8 iches high and wet and all the grass went in, I did have to travel slowly but the chute to the bag didn't block up even a single time, until the bag was full that is.
  8. metro36

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  9. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    I've mentioned it before, and maybe I just have a lemon, but my Toro with the Kawi is just awful. My old Suzuki was terrific, but the new one really is a let down. I have to double cut all the time, it won't mulch worth a crap, and rarely fills the bag up... For $1300 it might qualify as worst piece of equipment I ever purchased...
  10. Whatever one you get make sure its self propelled! If you lived in the sunbelt this would not even be a question...hands down, one hour in thick St Augustine and you will be back to the dealer for the self prop.

    Now, I have had three Honda Hydrostatic 21s. The new Micro Cut is an improvement in bagging over the earlier ones, and I never had any bagging problems with those. I like Toro too as my favorite dealer in Hawaii sells them, but I am so partial to my Honda Hydro 21....smooth and fast. My thumb controls the speed.

    Get the drive!

    Aloha, P.Y.S.

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