Best 21" Push Mower for Bagging

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by neblawncare23, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. kennymo81

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    I returned it because I do mostly small yards and use my 21 $80 percent of the time. It was getting to the point where my hands were in extreme pain from the control bail. It doesn't matter how well the machine performs if the operator isn't there to use it
  2. joed

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    I have the same super bagger as you and the same issues in wet grass. So, this spring I got the Exmark X series commercial 21". Fabulous bagger. It packs the bag really tight and sucks up tall wet grass very well. The other impressive thing is that very little grass seems to stick to the underside of the deck. As a mulcher, it's ok but not the best.
  3. Church2224

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    I have two of the Exmark 21s and they pretty much pick up anything. Highly recommended.

    If you can, spend the extra couple bucks on the X series. The FJ-180V Kai is a beast, never bogs down. Also you have a few extra protective pieces. I special ordered one with the BBC and it is probably my favorite mower.

    I am thinking about picking up another when I order a few more mowers next year. IMHO The best push mowers I have ever used.
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  4. jkilov

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    In terms of bagging I would have to vote for the W21 Husqvarna (now out of production).

    I also have a Snapper "commercial" hi-vac which does very well if it's dry (bag is huge) but has problems in the wet.

    I've heard that Honda HRC bags very well, but since I've never owned one...

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