Best 34" - 36" Mower for wet grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by heyfishguy, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. heyfishguy

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    I am having difficulties in deciding on larger mower to buy. I am currently mowing all my properties with the hrc 216 honda 21" commercial. But have recently picked up some larger lawns like a 3/4 acre for example that takes to long to mow with the 21". I also had recently purchesed a gravely residential 34" ztr, but ended up returning it becuase it made a huge mess in the rain and even when dry it would never bag properly, it always clogged. I have no choice but to mow in the rain as it is what my city is most known for. Most if not all my properties have 36" gates, so it must be a 36" max sized machine. Also I have to be able to bag, and clean the deck easily at the properties to clear wet grass. So far I am leaning towards the walker for its compact size built in ghs and being able to flip the deck for cleaning. Any other suggestions.:canadaflag:
  2. nobagger

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    My 36" Exmark Metro HP does pretty good in the rain. All mowers will make a mess in the rain, especially when you shut the blades down. I refer to that as green vomit.:laugh: If its a rider that you are looking into I would check out the Exmark Phazer, it comes in I beleive 36 and 44 inch machines. You can bag with them by using a regular side bagger. But the nice thing is they come with a 19hp Kawi. on them, plenty of ponies to move grass.
  3. nitrotim

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    I have good results with my 36" sentar sport using high lifts when bagging. I would definatley make sure you are not using gators with high wet grass. Its been growing like crazy here with all the rain and the high lifts leave less under the deck. You may not like the Grass Gobbler because of the weight but it doesn't seem to bother me.
  4. greengiant9963

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    33 to 36 inch mowers either come with 2 or 3 blades..2 longer blades will moves grass farther with less clogging than 3 small blades..just depends on company on which they use..I know this because I have ran both had a exmark 36 turf tracer with 2 blades and you the bag grass even when wet with very little clumping...also have a sutch 33 inch 3 blade a great mower and mulches nice but terrible when it is wet..clumps everywhere..
  5. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    my Toro 36" works great......
  6. Precision

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    no experience with one, but I would think it would be a 36" walker unless the body of the mower is too wide.

    I use a Skag Z cat 36 and it really does well. but I don't know if it can have a bagger added and / or how well that would work. I have to disagree with the 2 blade vs 3 blade comment above.

    The only time I have any issues with my Z cat is on a certain bahia yard when it is when. all other bahia and st augustine lawns don't clog even if mowed in a downpour. And no I don't do that on purpose, but this is Florida. Home of sun in the backyard and hurricane in the front yard.
  7. CutInEdge Lawn Care

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    So with all the rain are you rutting the yards or just making a mess. There is a difference. You said that the gravely made a mess of the yard. The reason I am asking is if you get a standon unit that is extra weight that will rut the yard due to it being soggy all the time. I have the same prob with last yrs rain fall at 94". 8 yrds I couldnt even put the Z on due to rutting. I have a walk behind for those and as a back up.
  8. heyfishguy

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    No problems rutting the yard but mainly with grass clogging the deck and then clumping all over the yard. With my honda I at least can flip it over scape the deck and be mowing again, and with the accelerator catcher on the honda its pretty good in the rain. Thats what led me to start thinking of the walker was being able to flip the deck up, plus with the built in blower it should in theory be pretty good in the rain. But thats just a guess.

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