Best 36 wb for under $2500?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SnoMan97, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. SnoMan97

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    I am looking to buy a new 36 wb. It will be a primary mower since I mow all residential lots Most of which are pretty small with gates. I would like to spend under $2500.
    I was checking out the Quick 36 Super Duty. Looks like a good deal. Dealer service is all I worry about with that one. I was given a price of $2499 for a Toro 36 from a local dealer but it doen't have the options of the Quick.
  2. lawncare4u

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    Try BOBCAT-probably aroun $3,000.....but a real tough machine and would probably outlast some f the others!
  3. mkwl

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    I have a new 36" Toro Proline belt drive mower w/ 13 HP Kawi engine and it is great!! I just got it so I can't really comment on it too much, but so far it seems like a great machine! I also have a 48" Bob-Cat belt drive mower w/ 15 HP Kawi engine, and I love it! Bob-Cat mowers have a great quality of cut and stripe and are really well built! I haven't ever used a Quick 36 so I can't really comment on it. I think you would be very happy if you buy Bob-Cat or Toro mowers. The 36" Toro was $2,790 w/bagger and tax out the door. A 36" Bob-Cat mower would probably be a little more expensive, around $3,000 or so. The 48" Bob-Cat mower was $3,300 w/ bagger and tax out the door, when I bought it new a year ago. BTW, Exmark WB mowers are the same as Toro. So, in conclusion, get a Bob-Cat or Toro mower and you will not be dissappointed!
  4. Tider6972

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    I you have Gravely dealer nearby, look at their ProG, on sale for $1999. It is a heck of a deal at that price. The Gravely is built very well, at least as well as an eXmark, and has a far superior deck height adjustment system. Also, a FULL 7 gauge deck, factory doubles kit option, and the Pro Steer option, which is the easiest belt control I've tried.
  5. TClawn

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    where you are, getting parts from gary would probably take less than two days. if this mower has to go through EVERY gate, I would look at the ferris hydro cut 32" if it only has to go through most gates, I would buy the super duty. other than that, the gravelys are very solid machines.

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