best 48'- 54' inch ztr mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ADVANTEC LAWNS, Sep 28, 2010.


    ADVANTEC LAWNS LawnSite Member
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    hey im lookin to get my first ztr , i will be pulling it on a 5x10 trailer along with my other equpment , im lookin at ether a hustler super z , john deere 900
    exmark lazer z , gravley pro turn 252, or a dixon , or a toro, who do yall think makes the best model in a 48-52 inch
  2. StihlBR600

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    The best are Exmark or Toro. Buy a last year model, they knock off a couple grand to try to get rid of them.

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    You listed alot of choices there. Most all of them make a great mower. Pick out which dealer you like the best and go with his product.
    As far as price goes, from cheapest to most expensive it will probably go like such, Dixon, Gravley, Hustler, Toro, Exmark, John deere.

    See which ever mower fits your needs and go with that one.
  4. The Dixon Grizzly in 54" is a super mower. I have the Husqvarna model (Husky owns Dixon) that I got a few weeks ago and now have about 40 hours on it and I am still extremely happy w/ it.
  5. soloscaperman

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    Get a bigger trailer trust me! Don't buy the ones from LOWES! They fall apart, the welds break the mesh bends in.
  6. mowerbrad

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    NO!!!...You are completely wrong!!! JOHN DEERE makes the best!!! Where do you get your information?! :laugh:

    On a serious note to the just need to demo and see which ones are best for you. Pick out which dealers are the best then demo a mower from each of them. I really prefer JD, but there are other nice brands too. Just get one that you like and has a good dealer.
  7. ucfbrian

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    Everybody on here is going to have a different opinion on which mower is better than the other. Like MOHUSTLER said, pick a dealer that you like since those are the people that you are going to be dealing with on a weekly basis. Check and see what there loaner policies are, repair turn around times, and check and see if they have the common parts you might need in stock like belts, blades, spindles, etc. Narrow your choice down to 2 or 3 models not brands and than come back and ask us which one is better and see what everyone says.

    ADVANTEC LAWNS LawnSite Member
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    whats the best commercial entry model? 48' or 54' ?
  9. hammmerhead

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    I am in the same situation as I am looking at a 50" light commercial mower. From what I have gathered Gravely, BobCat and BadBoy offer the best bang for the buck.
  10. doublesharp

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    Don't forget the Grasshopper 226V. 52" cut $6100.

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