Best $5,000 ZTR ?

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I have a budget of approximately $5,000 for a new ZTR mower. Whats the best bang for the buck?

I will only use this mower at my personal residence (1 1/2acres) which I cut twice a week during the growing season. I currently use a JD LX188 (48" deck) Lawn Tractor with a 17 HP Liquid cooled Kawasaki motor. Its about 13 years old and is starting to show its age. The motor; while being reliable has always seemed to be a little underpowered, has always been hard to start and blown a lot of smoke on cold start up.

Thanks in advance to all of the folks "in the know" about the current crop of ZTR mowers.

Looking forward to your opinions and suggestions, Thanks again!



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If you want to buy new, for $5000, it's hard to beat the BadBoy ZT.

If you look around, $5000 should buy you a nice used commercial eXmark Lazer, Scag Turf Tiger, or Hustler Super Z.

Find a local dealer that will treat you right and buy something they will support.



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Look at Gravely in that price range. If you buy now out of season you can find some really good deals below your limit.
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I'm not much for buying using Ebay, but there's a company called SLE that advertises there and it seems to have some very reasonable prices.

One of them is a 54" Husqvarna with a 24HP Kohler engine for about $4200, and a trailer is even included in that price. I'm like you in that I'm a homeowner, so a trailer isn't really needed, but I have one and found it really handy at times. Many times, in fact. But SLE has several other brands if for some reason you don't especially like Husqvarna. Good luck.


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My uncle has about 1-2 acre and has a Scag Freedom Z with the 48 in. deck and 17 hours Kawi. He loves it. I've mowed his yard with it and it mows real good. smoot controls and new they're right at 5000. Good luck. T. L. C.


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Not to burst anyone's bubble but it doesn't really matter because it's ultimately
going to boil down to what your local outdoor power equipment dealer carries or
likes to carry, unless you feel like driving 100's of miles out of your way ...

Every time that thing breaks down or it needs a part or something that you ain't got or if it's something
that you can't fix, you will need a dealer that supports your machine, preferably local.

Same goes for the warranty, you go ahead and get a Ztr shipped to you and I'm telling you,
GFL finding someone in your area that will honor this warranty, and then what happens?

The thing is there aren't but so many of these dealers, some of us are lucky to have one within a 50 mile radius,
others are a bit more fortunate but it still almost always boils down to 2-3 guys within a reasonable driving distance.

So my advice is to seek out your local dealer, pay them a visit, and ask them these questions.

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