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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by srl28, Jan 3, 2011.

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    I actually use LawnPro. I know it gets bashed alot, but I've had no problems. It does everything I need at the moment. Except break down the expenditures. Just gives you all profit/all loss. Can't see how much on gas, equipment, etc. I'm sure I'll outgrow it soon, but they just came out with a new version. I'll probably hold off on getting it to get QB to run side by side. I'm neurotic with details (VERY anal) Need to know everything and what I can tweak.
    What are you using?
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    I'll be honest--not much

    Run a 4 to5 employee company with quickbooks for invoicing, we type up our estimates individually. Contracts are basically a template that we designed and saved. Routing is almost non existent. The first week or so in the Spring is somewhat of a tweaking and trial and error. Works for us and has in the past so its stuck but we continue to grow and need to upgrade and change
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    I would recommend Lawn Pro. It's user friendly, pretty straight forward. I got it not knowing what I would need it to do. (took over my fathers business)
    It's only 97 dollars. The only thing it doesn't have is the fert app info. But other than that, you put in what you want, services, schedules, etc. It will even map your route with google maps. Invoice all at once. I think it's okay. Has templates for estimates you print out, go to the job, come back, type it in then if accepted, turns it into an invoice.
    Growth is good, no, growth is GREAT, we just have to find ways for what we've been doing, to do it better, quicker. Time is money.

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