Best adhesive or epoxy to glue bullnose??

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mrusk, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. mrusk

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    I'm starting a 2300 ep henry blue stone job this week. 1800 is concrete over lay. I am going to be glueing on 6x12 techo bloc bullnose around the pool. Normally i use PL adhesive for wall caps. Is there anything better than that, that you would recommend for this application? I just want something that will hold up really good.

    This is a liner pool with stairs going into the low end. The way the stairs meet the concrete is about 3/8-1/2in higher then the rest of the deck. So i am going to have to slowly raise the height of the bullnose up. What would be best for this? Mortar, thin set, or some kind of epoxy?

  2. Pavers Plus

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    probably better off using mortar and mortar joints for the Techo-Bloc bullnose coping to adjust the height. Adhesive won't let you adjust the height. You can then use concrete sand for your setting bed to adjust the heights for the pavers/bluestone.

    If you were using a 3" wall cap and the concrete was flush with the pool ledge, you could glue the caps down as the new coping.

    Hope this helps.
  3. mrusk

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    The concrete is flush with the pool ledge every where except for this 6ft wide step in the lowend, which is about 3/8s heigher then the concrete.

    We are planning on just glueing the bullnose to the concrete with NO JOINTING. I just have to find a way to make the bullnose work around the steps coming out of the lowend. The most it will have to be built up is around 3/8s. I would gradualy raise each bullnose up a hair along that side of the pool. I just find it hard to belive that such a thin layer of motar will hold up over time. I tihnk i might be better building up the concrete with some kind of tile thinset to the desired slope, than gluing the blue nose to that.

  4. richallseasons

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    I would go with the thinset myself
  5. mrusk

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    Change of plans. Tried it out, and it seems like i can notch each bullnose around the stairs and get a nice finsh look!.
  6. paponte

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    We use PL as well. Besides black hands I think it holds up very well.

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