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Best Advertising deals?????

Piscitelli Landscape

LawnSite Member
Cleveland, Ohio
with the decline in the economy I have decided to go back to advertising and some marketing to pick up business. So my question to you is what are some of the marketing deals or coupons that have worked very well for you in the past? be specific. for example "sign a contract and get one free cut" etc. thanks for the input


LawnSite Member
Pryor, Ok.
I just started a new thing.
I got a vanity toll free number. I'm going to advertise on the sides and rear of my trailer.
I've always thought those vanity numbers like 1-800-contacts, are catchy and help people remember your number. I personally don't pay very much attention to very many advertising gimmicks but I do know that if a customer keeps seeing my number and it has a catchy hook to it, it increases my odds by a larger percentage than any door hanger could.

It was only $10 a month for 100 free minutes and you can customize the holy crap out of your line. You can make your lawn service seem like a fortune 500 company. My number is 888-(our area code)-LAWN. So all a customer has to do is remember our local area code and the word "LAWN".:clapping:

I'm in the process of building the sides for my trailer in order to put the signs. I'll put pics up when I get it all done.

In case your interested the sight I got my service through is http://grasshopper.com/