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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Collegiate, Jun 5, 2005.

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    I have been using Val-Pak in my area and really have got some good leads from this advertising. Anyone else know of some really exceptional ways to spend your advertising dollars?
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    Wow if I did Val-Pak, I'd be skru'd. I remember years ago a buddy of mine did that and he has 5 phone-lines and hired extra girls to answer, and they rang non-stop for weeks. That guy had the biggest smile this side of town, never seen'm THAT busy! But, he had crews, trucks, big outfit.

    As for me, I'm by myself. I like to spend about 2 thousand/year between a small newspaper (200k households) and the yellow pages, and that's enough for me. Far as the response, it's back and forth - sometimes the paper rocks, sometimes the book does it, sometimes both, other times neither.

    One thing I learned: Different methods = Another reader base.
    Explains: Only x-percent of people read the paper, and another x-percent do the yellow pages. sometimes the SAME person who reads the paper also does the book, but other times it's one or the other.

    So when you switch to someone else, be prepared for a different crowd, so to speak. Not so much different in personality (but sometimes that, too), but just different.

    With new venues/methods, I also like to run a test ad - Something small and inexpensive, run it for a bit and gauge the response. That way I can decide if and how I want to spend the big bucks :)


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