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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kentuckylawns, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. kentuckylawns

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    I want to add 35-45 full time residential clients next year. I want to get them by charging going rate and not lowballing. To the Pros: What is the Most effective method of advertising? Flyers on door, door hangers, post cards? I would also like some help on what it would cost, if i purchased 2000 flyers or doorhangers is it realistic to gain 40 customers? ANd if so what would it cost? Should i make my own or go professional??
    Please respond i apologize if this is a repeat topic, but im fairly new to lawnsite, and advertising/sales is the backbone to gain clients in any business!
  2. tinman

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    1 - 2 % return on flyers is the norm
  3. topsites

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    uhm, you might see 3-4% but he's right not to give you an optimistic outlook...
    Because I used to get UP to 3-4 calls per thousand, but not always.

    So I would say to guarantee 40 customers, you need to think 20,000 flyers.
  4. noseha

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    flyers many of the time are hard to put on the door without something to hang on. post cards are expensive to mail and have the same return on them as door hangers. with a rain day you hang alot of door hangers. you may look around on the web or just have your local print shop print some up for you. I think your return on the door hangers will vary for you area.
  5. Josh.S

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    Are you putting your flyers on customers doors or what?
  6. noseha

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    why? hang door hangers if you only get 3-4 callers per 1k. your not paying for your flyers to be printed. You should use a small phone book aid. you may think about printing up 10 flyers on your own computer and post them in your local pizza, party store, post office or gas station. when you are first starting out you must get your name out threr. some low ballers do this for years as there only ad. first starting out set a dollar amount to spend and stick to it. i wouldn't spend more than $500

    GELAWNS LawnSite Member
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    Try inserts in Homeowner's Associations newsletters to target a specific area. Also, local schools sell advertising space for their publications at a reasonable price or help sponsor one of their events. Fax or drop off flyers at local real estate offices. Local agents have given us more referrals and accounts than any other source.
  8. kentuckylawns

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    Thanks, i appreciate the responses, i was thinking of creating about 2000 flyers and then ordering 2000 doorhangers and distributing them in mid february. And if im still seeing little response i will buy an ad in the local magazine that is distributed to about 5000 homes.

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