Best Advertising Tool may be a Website at stage 1

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mdvaden, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. mdvaden

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    There's a website category here too, but I decided to post this thread in light of starting a business and advertising, since there have been several threads about those.

    If you are in a city where hardly anybody has internet, a website may be irrelevant. But even in Jacksonville and Medford, Oregon, here, about 8 out of every 10 people I ask, have internet.

    Portland seemed like 19 out of 20. That's in the context of homeowners who can afford to hire services.

    You don't have to have a ton of pages. I think that even 1 page is great to start. Photo, description of work and phone number. More pages are good too, but not essential to start.

    What I like about websites, is that it helps me keep flyers and advertising simpler and cleaner. I can list the bare-neccessities on a flyer, or newspaper ad, like what my main services are and how long I've been in business.

    But my ads list the website address in nice big letters with a statement that references, photos and much more information is on the site. I have extra pages, so it works. Someone with one page, can tailor a statement for their door hangers that's appropriate for their needs.

    I never put my address on a business card. But always put my phone number.

    The added bonus of a website address on the card, is that people can easily find me if our number changes. When we were in Portland, we were obligated to change our number one time, when we didn't even want to. The area grew, and numbers and area codes were redistributed to the region.

    A website enables a fast way for people to see an image of you clean-cut 365 days per year.

    Anybody in business, should consider having a site if they don't already.

    For anybody just getting ready to start, I think it's the first thing you should do, before your cards, signs and flyers. Then you have the address. I'm estimating that you can, at the least, get a single web page made and put online with your own address for $150 or less. That's nothin'.

    For further discussions specifically about web page design, hosting, etc., etc., there is a Web Page forum catergory here (which probably should have 10 times more use than it gets).
  2. thefed

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    good advice...cant beat 24/7 advertising...if ur websites good enough, all u need to work on is getting the customer to it!
  3. Willofalltrades

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    Agreed. I would have one already but Its impossible to do anything with dial-up. DSL isn't offered in my area.
  4. mdvaden

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    We get traffic from internet searches. But we get a lot from our ads, flyers, business cards and vehicle lettering.

    Once a website is online, getting traffic to the website is usually very easy just by putting the website address in ads using a good size bold font.

    I think that 100% of the articles I've read are about directing traffic to a website via the internet. Maybe one exists, but I have not found an article about driving traffic to a website through printed advertising.
  5. daveintoledo

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    here, the only ones who pay for lawn care (other then commercial) are the elderly... and they dont have or use computers...
  6. Willofalltrades

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    Then I guess this idea won't work for you... its hard to find a house in my market without wireless high speed internet. They cherish websites.
  7. mdvaden

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    I called the two main newspapers in Oregon today while this was fresh in my mind, suggesting a story or article in the business sections about website traffic attracted from other than just internet searches. As well as the purpose for a website - including beating one's head against the wall while striving for a potentially impossible page one search rank.

    Today's goal is to add comments about non-internet derived traffic to my page...

    I'll be updating the file several times this afternoon since I'm tweaking the entire page - and it's rather substantial. I'm waiting until reaching a good paragraph to insert a chunk of suggestions - to alleviate the need for a separate page.
  8. mdvaden

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    How many people checked out the cool website that J Hisch posted in his "New Website" thread in the Website discussions forum?

    It's a really slick website with turning pages like a book. Excellent color scheme. Check out his thread. I'm still waiting to see if he is editing it, or having it edited. Either way, it's a good design.

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