Best Aftermarket Tak tl 130 Tracks?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Allen Landscape Company, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Ok so i know bridgestone or mcclaren are probably best, but what about the other manufacturers? I have a friend who is a manager at United rentals which is a large nationwide rental company, they said they use dominion tracks, out of virginia i think. said they had good luck with them, no pre mature breaking, etc. what about the steel pads? do all aftermarket manufacturers make them this way where it will still be metal to metal? also what about the different tread pattern, C vs. Bar? other maunfacturers ive looke at were titan? let me know what you think. we made need a new track for a side that has been slipping off so i would rather go cheaper as we use the machine very little hours per year and will probably sell it in the near future...250-400 hrs i think dominion is like $ 800 per side/track for a tl 130
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    There are a lot of companies providing tracks. If you can get the Dominion tracks at a good deal and you feel comfortable with them and if United likes them, that would say something to me. $800.00 a side is a good deal. It would cost you $500.00 a side to put quality tires on it.
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    Stick with OEM, my dealer has used outside tracks and they are gone in 500 hours, Soliddeals are the worst.
    If Takeuchi designed their rollers to be used on their steel pad tracks, then that's the best system.
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    Thanks for the reply, we checked the tension again to day, adjusted to 3/4-1" of adjustment. moved back and forth, re checked and re adjusted, all looked good. then put the machine outside the shop, used high speed several movements back and forth for about 1 minute. rechecked tension and now the left is tight but the problem track that has been coming off is back to about 2 inches. so, looks like a tensioner problem, right? now the question, it looks like you would take the front of the track off the front idler, and the tensioner system appears like it would slide right out the front of the machine the whole thing at one time with the front idler and fork attached to the spring, and then you would take the bolt holding the spring to the front fork for the front idler and then???? is it a cylinder that can be rebuilt? it can have a seal go bad? is the back of the tensioner connected to anything? it seemed to have side to side play in it when we were putting the tracks back on so it seems like the back may be loose in there and get tension when the tensioner recieves the load. anyone have a diagram of this part of the track. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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