Best All-Around warm season grass type???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Vibe Ray, Dec 16, 2000.

  1. Vibe Ray

    Vibe Ray LawnSite Senior Member
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    What type of grass do you think is the all-around best warm season grass(centipede,bahia,zoysia,etc...) and why?
  2. HOMER

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    I had a well written reply but I hit something and deleted it!!!!!!!!

    1. St. Augustine. Love it, responds well to fertilizer and stays green longer than the rest.

    2. Centipede. Low growing, good looking. Easy to cut and mulch, clippings hide easily.

    3. Bermuda. Looks good when it is maintained. Has to be fertilized regularly to keep it in shape though. Might as well bag it cause it's hard to mulch and hide clippings.

    4. Zoysia. Last on the list. If it gets too thick it's a pain to maintain. Another high maintenance type grass.

    My opinion
  3. Dennis

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    from Ga.
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    I pretty much agree with the above post,,although I would swap 1 and 2..
    In my exp. st aug tends to take a little more care to prevent diasease probs. it is the best looking by far.
    Cent. is very easy to maint. and it's water requirements are slightly higher than st aug.,it also doesn't hold up well to heavy traffic, but still I would put it at the top. great if you don't want to do much at all,it is very tough and looks ok if cut weekly.
    Zosia...put it in someone else's yard!!!
  4. jay

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    Bermuda around here seems to work the best and if you don't plant it it usually grows in your lawn anyway because thiers so many seeds floating around. The wear on its great, the resitant to diease is great, It's able to take the high heat here and just grows and grows. It's just a problem stopping it from growing were you don't want it. The water can be turned off for weeks and when you start watering again it comes right back.
  5. 65hoss

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    Here in the midsouth, bermuda is the most common. I disagree, you can easily hide the clipping if mulching with exmark. If you side discharge, it is hard to hide them. It is very invasive to flowerbeds.

    I think zoysia makes the best lawns and the most expensive to buy the sod for. With mulch kit, the clippings are gone. Again, with side discharge, forget it. Clippings stay on top. Very thick, just like a carpet. :)

    A CUT ABOVE LawnSite Member
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    Centipede is the best around here. Low maintenance, fairly disease resistant, drought resistant. St. Augustine is prettier, but succeptible to various diseases and chinch bugs.

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