Best and Worst dealer experiences?!?!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Palmer'sLS, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Palmer'sLS

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    Just wondering how some of yall's dealers have treated yall fair or unfair....
  2. topsites

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    Worst experience I made was my first year... Bought something from a dealer which 2 years later got stolen, they no longer had any paperwork. It was obvious, all you had to do was look at the store and there was just stuff everywhere, not a hint of neatness.

    Although I didn't go there often anyhow, I never went back after that.

    I stuck to the guy I found shortly after. He's pretty cool, but it takes time (translation: years) before he treats you like you can walk in the door, pick up a new tool, sign for it (no cash or c-card, just sign a piece of paper), and walk out (not quite, but you get the idea). His wife recently complained how one of their best customers likes to walk in and help himself to parts lol (which are in the back of the store for employees only lol). The guy's not stealing, he signs for it all but she's a bit particular about employee-only areas... That's how good they treat you after some time, you're like family.

    The first year or two he wasn't cold to me, but everything had to be paid for on the spot, he didn't rake me over the coals but he wasn't afraid to do so either. I respected him for this because I know myself, and I actually learned from his methods and have implemented some of his stuff for my own business.

    Also if you didn't buy it from him, he won't service it. Actually, he will, but your machine has to wait until all the machines that were purchased through him have been serviced (so it could be months). At the same rate, once he trusts you and you've bought your few thousand worth of stuff from him, he treats you like gold (thou time has more to do with it than total money, I really think he treats me the same as the guy spends 10 times more, it's more about how long and how regular you are).

    But as for paperwork, all serial numbers / receipts / etc of anything you ever transacted through my current dealer is on file, for life. So if my 5-year old machine gets stolen, he has the serial number guaranteed (a crucial piece of information for reporting purposes).

    life is good
  3. CAG

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    Bought a ferris mower from a dealer to come to find out that they don't service them.. The shop in the same building was owned by a different co. My thought was if I had any problems with it especially when it was under warranty it would be fixed promptly.. Well need less to stay when I had problems ( 2 weeks later) they kept the machine for forever.. The real kicker was when I kept having problems and started to ask questions why, the service company told me the machines were crap and the dealer was saying that the service company didn't know what they were doing.. All I could say was thank god I didn't sell my scags..
  4. godzilla

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    Best experience(s) going into the dealer and walking out with something for free.

    Worst experience... different dealer, sent the machine in to have some work done, took them a month, and even then the machine didn't run right.
  5. scagwildcat

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    wow, what a thread, i was going to write about this today!! i have my scag wb at the dealer as we speak, this is a dealer that i buy everthing from, i walk in and they seem to all knoiw me by name. they got a new service manager and italked to him about my mower not running good, he told me that it would be two weeks before he can even look at it, this coming from a dealer that always put me and every other lco in the front of the line!!! so i told the person that i alwasys talk to there, and i was told that he is full of it, and three other customers have complained that same day about him,i then said well, i will leave it, i have no choice i need it fixed, so i get a call yesterday from the service manager, he tells me that he cant get it running any better, and he has it running outside, hes looking at it from the window and it is smoking like crazy !!! wtf, it wasnt before, what happend?? he tells me that i need to rebuild the motor, i asked him why and if he did the rebuild would he cover it later on down the road ? he says , im not sure !!! i talk to the owner of the dealership who knows me, and he said that the dumb s.o.b, adjusted the choke wrong and it made it flood!!!!! im still waiting to hear when i can pick it up....
  6. CuttinUP

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    My dealer is awesome here. I called them the other day about a problem that was going on with my TTHP not turning out enough RPM they said that they were about 3 weeks behind but since I was commercial they said to go ahead and bring it by and they would take a look at it then. I went yesterday and they came out to my trailer and worked on it. The mechanic said that this one bolt on the throttle assembly bracket felt like it was stripped or the bolt was breaking. He went to loosen it again and it broke off. They unloaded it and into the shop it went they fixed the broken bolt and set the throttle correctly all while I waited. I went in and bought some 2-stroke oil, oil filter,and a fuel filter. I was in and out in about 45 minutes. It is the same way every time I go there for something and if they can't fix it right away and you need it they will give you a loaner for any piece of equipment. I have had nothing but good dealings with them and they have me as a customer for life!:clapping: :clapping:
  7. deereman

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    It is a great experience every time that we walk in the Deere dealer that we go to. Everybody knows us and is always asking how the equipment is running, or how many accounts that we are up to, or just the every day mumbo jumbo talk. I ordered some parts for the older machine and filters and lubricants for every thing else, and the one part they did not have, so they ordered it, and they said they would bring it down to me, when they come in. They know that means a lot to us, and it sure is nice. Now thats SERVICE!!!!:)
  8. FSully

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    Best Experience-- the free food at the pro day event.

    Worst Experience---the aftermath of the free food at the pro day event. :cry:
  9. Howie's Lawn Care

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    Hey guys,
    My dealer has been pretty good so far. He hasn't cut me any insane deals, but I just bought my first of everything. Maybe I'll get a smokin' deal on my ZTR given I'm not abducted by aliens before then. They're outside beneath my window ledge, or atleast I think that's why there's dead grass there. I bought my Shindaiwa tirmmer, edger, and blower there along with my ZTR. I also bought a 48-pack of oil. One time I took my push mower out to him last year. I was screwed if he didn't fix it soon and he ended up fixing it on the spot. He sells everrides, hustler, and shindaiwa.

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