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Best backback blower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by colbyjh, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Alan0354

    Alan0354 LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,450

    Check out Maruyama BL8100 or Kawasaki KRB750 on ebay. They are the exact same blower, you should be able to get it for about $400. It is 64.7cc, it is consider a big blower. It is the cheapest of all big blowers, lightest and the quietest. I have the Maru and I am very happy with it. 2 pull start, 20 second warmup( soon as you can put it on your back). It might not be the strongest blower, but if you don't have big piles of leaves, it is plenty strong. It is not a medium size blower, but it is priced like one, weight like one. Maruyama is the only brand offer 5 years COMMERCIAL warranty.

    If you are willing to go to $500, get the Shindaiwa EB802, it is 79cc, 3 years of perfect review here.
  2. 93Chevy

    93Chevy LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 40,261

    If you're in this business and can't afford $500 for a standard piece of equipment, then you're not doing something right.

    I'm only saying this because I could afford that much for a blower my first year and I barely broke even that year.

    But don't listen to anything I say; I failed at business so my decisions probably weren't the best. :laugh::laugh:
  3. colbyjh

    colbyjh LawnSite Member
    Messages: 14

    The average yard I maintain is about 1/4 to a 1/2 acre. I have one commercial building that I maintain. There is a 1 1/2 lane road down both sides of the building about 75 yards long with parkingspots adding another 10 feet or so on 1 side for 70% of that distance. plus a 50 x 25 yard parking area on both the front and back. Do you think I could do this with a handheld? Im sure for the average yard a handheld would work fine. If I get a handheld now, i could get a walkbehind in the fall for cleanup. Or do yall think I should just do everything with a backpack.

    I'm sure a walkbehind makes things even faster for fall clean up, but if I get the backpack now I probably won't have the money for a walkbehind come fall. Is the walkbehind worth it, or is the backpack enough. I have up to 2 other guys helping me and in the fall I could get a second backpack if necessary. Sorry if I'm losing you :p basically should I:

    A) Get a backpack now and maybe a second one in the fall
    B) Get a backpack now and maybe a walkbehind the following fall
    C) Get a handheld now and maybe a walkbehind in the fall

    Unfortunately money is a very limited resource for me. I have been in business about 2 months (I've done the work for a few years, only recently made everything legit) and I don't have very many "stable" accounts yet. I have mostly temporary maintain the place until it sells sort of deals. I have had to replace/repair atleast 80% of my equipment recently. I used to by junk, now I only really get things of the best quality, with a warranty) so hopefully I will see everything paying off soon
  4. cpllawncare

    cpllawncare LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,659

    It was just a timimg thing, I had just put out a large sum for a big mulch job, and hadn't been paid yet when my handheld went out on me, I had to buy a blower and really wanted a backpack, so I had to go to the credit card, I HATE using that damn thing so I skimped with the small blower, like I said I'll be in better shape come fall and will just go pay cash for a 600 and now will have a back up.
  5. edgelawncare1

    edgelawncare1 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 7

    I just bought a stihl br550 for around $450 and i love it. Starts easy and light weight compared to older stihl model i had.
  6. Aaronnc

    Aaronnc LawnSite Senior Member
    from Zone 7B
    Messages: 354

    While it wouldn't be ideal, you could do it with a handheld, but since you've already mentioned fall cleanups, I would ixnay the handheld idea.

    With how you've described your properties, I would just go with a backpack, maybe even two since you've mentioned that you have employees. You could go with one big backpack or two smaller ones. For the price of a $400-$500 big one, you could always go with two smaller ones like this (just an example.) http://www.amickssuperstore.com/RedMax_EBZ3000RH_Blower_p/redmax ebz3000rh blower.htm
    (It just boils down to personal preference and strategy.)

    Once you get more commercial properties and/or huge cleanups, I would then possibly aim for a walk-behind if needed.
  7. hackitdown

    hackitdown LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,632

    Go with a backpack. It will be 2 or 3 times faster than a handheld. I own an old handheld, I use it to sweep out my garage, it never goes on the road. I own a BR600, and just bought a Redmax 8500 last week. The Redmax seems to have more power, but the ergonomics of the Stihl are way better.
  8. colbyjh

    colbyjh LawnSite Member
    Messages: 14

    Thanks alot for the input guys. I went to the dealers and I tried out both the sthil 600 and the echo 770t. So far I'm leaning towards the Sthil. Its a little lighter and more comfortable, but it seemed to be the a little less powerful than the 770t. The 770t costs $457, the 600 costs $479. The prices are very close. The guy at the echo place said that the sthil runs into many problems because of the type of motor it uses. I can't remember exactly what he said. Something about the heads needing to be readjusted. When I asked the Sthil guy, he told me that that was a problem with previous models, but it was fixed. I plan on purchasing one of these today. Any last minute advice?
  9. cpllawncare

    cpllawncare LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,659

    Just something to think about, I was earlier LOL! IMOP find a brand you like and stick with that brand for all your handheld stuff for me I'm sticking with Stihl from now on.
  10. Aaronnc

    Aaronnc LawnSite Senior Member
    from Zone 7B
    Messages: 354

    Y-Bravo 65? LMAO People seem to love both models. As long as both offer good dealer support, flip a coin. Maybe one of them will throw in a hat or koozies or something.

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