Best bank to do business with in FL

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by unkownfl, Dec 26, 2011.

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    Are you asking me or the genius that wants to completely bypass the whole banking system? :rolleyes:

    And, more importantly, do you think he cares? :laugh:

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    Nah, I was asking XYZ savings and loan who doesn't seem to know Jack about business ABC's. Obviuosly he gradimatated from the Wesley Snipes school of accounting.
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  3. XYZLawnPros

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    I'm saying that yes you can be your own bank. A corporation is a financial
    institution. Why wouldn't I accept paper checks? Is there something
    inherently wrong with accepting paper money? If you do go to a clients bank
    to possibly cash a check, that is what the client is paying the bank to do for
    them isn't it?

    All banks make money/profit hand over fist by using digital transactions. If
    you make them give you physical paper then you are actually getting "your
    monies worth".

    If you ever have to take a note/loan from a "bank", next time TELL them you
    would like the physical cash to take to the place where you are making a
    purchase. Make sure you report back what the financial institution tells you, and have fun with it.

    Well, have you actually read the entire contract with your credit union? Have
    you read the entire federal credit union banking charter? And since you are
    supposedly a shareholder of said credit union, have you asked for all the
    information and all the disclosures how they run their/your business? I know
    I have. But that is just me. I do endeavor to be competent enough to handle
    my own affairs.

    I have been to the Cayman's. Scuba diving and snorkeling is a fabulous experience there!

    I see you are still working for the government.:nono: You need to change that ASAP. :)

    Who is circumventing the law?
    I would make a funny about Mitt Romney, but that would make me no better
    than him.

    In all honesty Michael Geist, I haven't looked into that part yet.
    If you're a competent and honest gentlemen, why would you want to hurt
    another fellow human?
    Maybe get a job in the financial sector?

    Now why would I keep a loaded revolver against my head, as well as your head
    and every other taxpayer? That's what the United States of America corporation does.
    Do you really need the FDIC to hold your hand while you cross the street?

    Genius? I would say competent in my own affairs.
    There is no bypassing or circumventing their system IF you want to play their game. Learn how to play it better if you want to play. And who told you that
    their system was for everyone? Did you ever think to question authority?

    You know one of the most important lessons I learned from the male family
    members in my family was "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all." And you wonder why society is on this enlightened "everyone is their own king" path today.

    Yes GreenT I do care.

    Patriot, why would you assume that because I offered my own informed opinion
    that I am ignorant of business? As to the second part of your statement, did I put you down or disrespect your feelings in anyway? I have no clue what you are on about Wesley Snipes. But I may actually spend 20 minutes looking into
    something you used as a dig against me for no apparent reason.

    To the original poster:
    I do apologize for being rather hasty and curt with my first post in your column.
    In my opinion your best bet is to do your homework and look at each financial institution in depth before you make a choice. Don't be afraid to ask all the hard questions, ask for all disclosures and hidden contracts. Ask for their balance sheets and financial info. Ask about trusts weather related to business or personal. Take your time(that is all that we have) to make a good judgment on your own financial affairs.

    Read Read and Read again. There is no harm in learning.
  4. Patriot Services

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    XYZ- let's try to keep this clean and intelligent so it doesn't get yanked.:usflag:

    My reference to Wesley Snipes (well known actor) was that he tried to be his own bank and got 3 a year prison term for it.:usflag:

    Are banking regulations and business tax laws that much different in Canada?:usflag:
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  5. XYZLawnPros

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    To your first sentence Patriot, I was just being honest...

    I did indeed read for an hour through the Wesley Snipes case/court/trial
    documents, but we better leave that for a different post in a different section.

    I live in Minnesota so yes we live amongst the same financial system. I call it tundraland because we get colder up here than alot of parts of canada. Think 40+ below 0 winters with windchill. :dizzy:

    I lived between Ft. Myers and Naples between 1998 and 2002. Hurricane shutter installer was a great job. I had always cut grass on the side and did the same in Florida.

    Funny story:
    The second day I was in Florida I set up my bank accounts. For some reason I forget the name of the chain bank I used. Think they may have joined with fifth3rd bank possibly. Anyways, I left the bank with 700 bucks cash in my pocket. Strolled over to Lowe's across the street to buy necessary tools for my new job. At the checkout counter I paid in all 20's and 50's. The cashier marked each bill checking for counterfeits. She must have felt bad for me or something because she nonchalantly handed me back four 20 dollar bills and said they were counterfeits. I was like OMFG WTF I just got those from the teller across the street at the bank. She seemed to believe me because her husband worked at a different bank and she told me if the tellers took in counterfeit bills and didn't notice, at the end of the day they would be responsible for their errors.
    So basically the tellers would hand back out the bogus bills to customers to get themselves off the hook.
    In a nutshell I did take the bills back to the bank and the issue was resolved.

    I enjoyed southwestern Florida. With the heat and humidity and the tendency to rain what seemed like daily, it got old quick. Throw in the Haitian/Mexican/Latino massive explosion in population in the 4 years I was there, I really started to miss the cold and snow again.

    Up to Minnesota, running my own LCO ever since.
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    Xyz, no I dont want you to hold a gun to either of our heads. My observation is you are obviously a little of a conspiracy theorist and maybe a bit paranoid. If your keeping a significant amount of savings I would never suggest what you had and self bank. Whatever that truly is. I'm happy with my bank, no fees and yes FDIC insured. I have a good relation and when I buy equipment I run short term loans throug them for cash management purposes. Watch out for those black helicopters in the sky spying on you, they may notice and confiscate your self bank, or covertly swap them with more counterfeits.
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  7. GreenT

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    All I know is that you went a loooong way not to answer any questions.

    From what I gather, and correct me if I'm wrong, you operate on a cash basis and do not have a bank account..... Is that it?

  8. justanotherlawnguy

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    Jesus this thread went stupid! Thank heavens xyz left fl for mn.
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  9. GreenT

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    Not to worry... our supply of xyz-types currently exceeds demand. :)


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