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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by joehar, Sep 7, 2002.

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    i have the 48 hp.dos exmark offer more than one mulch blade for my mower? my dealer says my mower uses a 16 1/4 inch blade.i measured the originals and my lst set,they were all 16 inch.he sold me a set with no numbers on them last time that cut much better than the originals.this may sound crazy for a description but the only way to describe them is as follows.. the originals are a very gloss black,the other set are a very flat black and seem like a diffeent material.did he sell me an aftermarket blade?he didnt seem to know.i really like the cut quality of these blades and want to be sure to get them again.please help
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    Thanks for the question. I did talk with Engineering and here's what they came back with. We do request that our part number appear on all Exmark blades, the paint (gloss vs. flat) has varied from time to time and vendor to vendor but the blade design and shape should be fairly consistant even between vendors.

    I might be a little suspicious if one of the blades does not have the Exmark p/n on it. That doesn't mean that it simply was overlooked in the manufacturing process and they forgot to stamp the p/n on the blade. The only person who might know for sure if it's an Exmark blade or an aftermarket is going to be your dealer.

    With out mulching kit I really can't say what many of the after market blades will perform like. I can say that there are some non-OEM blades that maybe don't perform that will in certain conditions however.

    Wish I could be more help.


  3. joehar

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    thanks terry,i do believe there are no numbers on my last set.must be aftermarket.i purchased a set of originals today.they work fine.thanks again
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    I know the dealer he uses, and most all blades they sell are aftermarket blades.

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