Best blades for Florida grass

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by ben fritz, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Yes ..i could see this happening also ..probally a little of both
  2. The sad part is I strive to do a perfect job. Not like i'm in some rush skipping trimming and such like i see some other LCO's doing when they get behind. I've seen one guy skip trimming for like the last 3 months on his lawns behind one of mine. The homeowners are up north though since it's all closed up. But still I can't stand to skip around like that. I always imagine a neighbor calling them or someone coming down for a vacation. I take photos of my lawns if they are up north and Email them the photos. That's how thorough I am. The customers love it.
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    I'm running Gators for the season. Once the Bahia goes dormant and things get dry I switch to flats. Fresh blades every day sometimes twice.
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    I agree, I've used both gator and high lift and it seems to me that the high lift blade cuts better longer. Gators are nice in the winter for sure, but have somewhat of a difficult time with moist lawns in my experience.

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