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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Brieldo, May 27, 2002.

  1. Brieldo

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    On my JD, I've only run the standard Deere blades. Is there any way I can run Exmark or another mfgr.'s blades? It seems as though they are far superior. Thoughts? What do i need to look for? It's a 60" deck...

  2. Runner

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    Evevn though you're comparing 60" to 60", check the actual length of the blades, as some are different due to the offset of the blades within the deck. Also, the arbor size needs to be the same. (spindle hole that is punched in).
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    rumor says Scaggs is Running Rockwell 51 hardness if you want to keep and edge longer. Most blades are in the mid forties. Rockwell 56 means you shatter the blade when cutting rocks and shatter is bad, bend is safe.
  4. Mark

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    I think that the scag marbian blades are the best, they stay sharper than any blades ive run, all you need is the 5/8 hole for any mower. Marks Mowing Service
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    Well, your QUITE wrong there Mark. Blades use many different size arbor/spindle holes.

    From 3/8" all the way up to 1". I'd hate to have poor Ben put on a blade that is wrong just because Mark says they're all the same!!!


    John Deere always did have odd sizes, what model JD do you use? Take a look in a catalog (J-Thomas, Greenline, Mowmore, Landscapers Supply) and cross reference blade size, and center hole size, and lastly thickness (not quite as critical). You measure a blade from blade point or tip, diagionally to the other tip. To quick check for center hole size, use an open end wrench around your protruding arbor on the spindle and this is what it is. If it doesn't have an arbor/spindle protrusion, then just measure the bolt!

    Also check with your JD dealer, sometimes, depending on the mower type, they may offer a High Lift blade under a different mower that WILL fit yours! I don't think the blade on the JD's is all that bad, but check your Mower RPM's to make sure they are at least 3650 - 3750.

    Good Luck!
  6. Brieldo

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    Tom, thank you for your informative reply. I measured the arbor today and it's 7/8 of an inch. I measured the blade width wrong because i went from side to side, not tip to tip diagonally. From side to side, it measured out to be 20.5" that seems goofy becuase the deck cut is 60" Anyway, what would you recommend for the best blade for my applicatoin...I'm currently doing a ton of work for a Construction company that has various quarries aruond here. The grass is very crappy (quack grass, crab grass), the soil is extremely dry and sandy and dust collects on the grass blades, making blade sharpening a never ending battle. I'm looking for something that iwll give me more lift and possibly, last longer. I'm open to anything...thank you!

  7. TLS

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    If your blade is flat across the bottom (like a 'normal' blade) and is quite thick .313 to be exact, and has about a 7/8" (actually 29/32") then I CAN help you!

    Just go to your JD dealership, and ask for a blade from a F-900 series (Front runner) with a 60" deck. Now here's the trick, they had changed the part # a few times back in the 90's, and who knows what it is now (haven't had one since 1996!) but ask for the High lift (sometimes called the 'medium lift') blade. I stumbled across this blade somewhere in 1995 when I needed blades and all the parts guys were out on vacation hunting!! The owners wife was working the counter and she asked me which one I wanted?! Before that I never knew they existed! I instantly took both sets that they have. What it is is a longer cutting edge (8"), and a longer lift wing (6"). This made a world of difference in the cut of this poor cutting 60" deck. The extra lift was great, the extra long edge was great. Just wish I would have found them a few years earlier.

    Anyway, just go to your dealer and have him pull up the F-900 deck parts page (probably still on microfiche), and look at the available blades, there should be at least 2 different ones listed, with both having replacement part #'s. Have him order them in (if still possible) and see how they work. All the blades in the mail order catalogs never cross referenced with this particular size. All they have are the standard lift with short 4" cutting edge and small lift wing (AM100538).

    Sorry to ramble on...

    Hope this helps!

    Next time buy a Lazer, there are dozens of different blades available for it!!! :D
  8. Brieldo

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    If your blade is flat across the bottom (like a 'normal' blade) and is quite thick .313 to be exact, and has about a 7/8" (actually 29/32") then I CAN help you! " -This is what LawnSite is all about...Help!!

    Thank you Tom!
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