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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by captken, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. captken

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    My Stihl BR-400 is getting mangy. I need to retire her. Repairs are getting too frequent.
    I've heard a lot about the Red Max 7001 and the Echo 650-700 series. I lusted after the Red Max early this spring, however, I've heard good things about the Echo. Which one, in your opinion, is the best? and why.
    And what about the others? Sindawi, Stihl 420 etc. I have a Robin as a back up, it starts easy but is no contest to my Stihl 400.

    When I have to replace, I'd like to upgrade.
  2. Cooper Landscaping

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    I own a Stihl br420 (before they changed it to the 420C Magnum to meet Cali emmisions standards). I love it! It great for the normal blowing the grass off the driveway, but it shines during leaf season! Only thing you need to be careful of is flooding :eek: lol but i talked to a rep from Stihl and he told me that whether you here it false start or not after 2 pulls turn off the choke. It starts on 3 pulls (2 pulls choke, one not) when cold and when warm it starts on first pull. Im not sure about the 420C Magnum- if anybody has feedback on that id appreciate it. Thanks
  3. Grass Master

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    Literally I have tried all of them and the Echo PB-650/750 is the most awesome, most powerful of all...very quiet too!

    The BR-420C Stihl has less power than the BR-420 due to has turned into a real dog.....the Echo PB-603 is a better choice in that size with double the warranty!
  4. 65hoss

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    I tested both the echo and the redmax at the same time. Me and the dealer both did it. We both agreed...and I bought the Redmax. Now I have 2.
  5. What about the WINDMILL850BTx?

    Has anyone tried one of these? 750 CFM @ 225 mph!!!

    I replaced my Stihl BR420 with a Shindawa EB630. That was a bad move. The old BR420 might not be the most powerful, but it is a good machine and the EB630 is totally over-rated. Without hearing about the Windmill 850BTx, sounds to me the big Redmax and Echo are the bulls-of-the-barn.
  6. hunter

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    another that is not all that well known is the fraden. been happy with ours. starts on the first pull when warm and stats on the second when cold.

    240 mph with a 51cc engine.
  7. Can you post a link? MPH doesn't mean much without CFM. You can get 300-400 mph out of a 1/4" air hose, but that doesn't do much if you're only delivering 16 CFM.
  8. mtdman

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    I have a Stihl 400 and just bought a 420C last month to replace my old BR320. At first I was very disappointed at the power of the 420. BUT, Stihl made the blower tube on the new one wider, for some stupid reason. I bought an attatchment for the new one that made the tube the same size as the older one, and bingo, the thing works great. With the same size tube as the 400, the blower has tons of power and I love it. It always starts with one pull, and I only have to choke it when I first start it up in the morning. I can't wait for leaves. Great machine.

    I have only ever bought Stihls for blowers and trimmers. I demoed RedMax and Echos and a few others, and I was very unimpressed. I'll stick with Stihl, thank you.
  9. bob

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    I know a handfull of people who have gone from Stihl to Shindaiwa. They all ay that the Shindaiwa is a better machine. I havea Shindaiwa and a Redmax. The machines are almost identical. Both have lots of power and move lots of material.
  10. hunter

    hunter LawnSite Senior Member
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    delivers 590CFM
    tank cap. 101 oz.

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