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best blowers + trimmers???


LawnSite Member
Cape Cod MA
I have a been wondering what types of blowers + trimmers everyone out there uses. I have mostly echo. I have had good luck with reliability etc. with them for the most part (aside from them costing a small fortune) I am one who realizes that you get what you pay for. anyone out there had any luck with other makes?? Thinking about trying out a John Deere trimmer this spring. ---jake

Groundcover Solutions

LawnSite Bronze Member
Canton, MI
We use Shendowa (I think that is how you spell it) limateds, for our trimmers. We use redmax ( i don't know wich kinde just that they are the top of the line/most expnsev. So that is what we use they are both over $500(i think) so they are on the expensive side.

Green Finger

LawnSite Senior Member
Stihl blowers, blows away the comp

Echo Weedeaters (2601 and up) really kick butts


LawnSite Silver Member
Is used on as many of my posts as possible.

I just thought with him inquiring the proper spelling might help.

Cripes I took 5 minutes rummaging thru old brochures til I found something with the name. -- LOL


Fantasy Lawns

LawnSite Bronze Member
Space Coast
shindaiwa weed wackers & edgers .... they start every time run & forever (the Ehco 3100 for heavy stuff ...super nice )....husqvarna back back is lite with plenty of bal!s & work everytime


LawnSite Platinum Member
Use the search feature on this forum. There is a lot of info on this topic.