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  1. PLS-Tx

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    I have the same one and it's great. I don't use it while on the mower but in the truck it's great. Music sounds great on it also.
  2. Greg78

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    Those of you with the HBS-730 do you have any connection issues? Read a lot of reviews on different sites and quite a few spoke of poor connection breaking up and loosing connection even when phone is on your person. I ordered the HBS-700 because they got better reviews.

    I've been using the Plantronics Backbeat Go and really like them. The only problems with them is the battery life while listening to music is terrible (less than 3 hours) and sometimes the wire gets caught on my neck and will pull the ear-bud out of my ear.

    BROWNS LAWN CARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    i have no problems losing my connection on my HBS-730. btw, i referred to it as a logitech, it's an LG, not a logitech.

    what i am now having an issue with is my recharging connection. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. not sure what's wrong yet.
  4. PLS-Tx

    PLS-Tx LawnSite Silver Member
    from Texas
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    No problem with connection. The only compliant I have is my wife complains of a lot of background noise, on her end, even when I'm sitting in a quite restaurant.

    For listing to music on my iPhone as I'm doing now you can't beat em.
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  5. gcbailey

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    well I ordered the LG and it should be in today.... I was looking at the specs on amazon, but could have overlooked, does it have a speaker option? How are you guys using it while driving down the road, one ear bud in, the other out?
  6. jasonhc73

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    I've been using the LG for 2 years now, by far the best blue tooth headset you can use, if you are are going to have something else covering your ears. IE: a helmet like on a motorcycle, or under your earmuffs. It has become very popular, I see it all over the place now.

    Issues I have had:
    - Can never remember which button does what when I have it on, makes for some interesting looking movements when trying to answer the ringing phone while riding the motorcycle.
    - Just quits while in the middle of a call. No, the battery isn't done, it just looses connection some how.
    - Remembering where I put it. It is small.
    - Get sore ears from wearing the ear buds. Even though the ear buds sound the best, they just get sore in your ears after a while. Never had this issue with ear muffs.
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  7. Oxmow

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    I must be braindead, just realized when I ordered a new unit that it's the Motorola Infinity that I have had for the past two years. Just got a new one in from Amazon to replace the old one which worked perfectly, but the glue that holds the rubber parts on just couldn't take the heat after two years.
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  8. PLS-Tx

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    Another cool thing about the LG headset is you can text and read text with it while driving.

    Just push the call button one time and say who you want to text then what you want to say. It will read it back to you then ask if you want to send it.

    I assume you can do the same thing with email but I haven't tried it.

    I can also hit the same button and tell it to play music.

    Hold the same button down and it will redial the last number called.

    I leave mine in the truck when I'm working. I do turn the power off or it will connect if I'm on the phone close to the truck. If I want to use it when I'm back in the truck I just turn the power on and it reconnects.

    When it comes on it will say power on, then tell you battery level, then tell you it's connected.

    Btw, the battery life is great. Using it for calls, texts and music I olny charge it every 3 or 4 days. The battery has not died on me yet.
  9. Greg78

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    Good information. Can't wait to get it, arrives tomorrow.
  10. cps

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    Vxi blueparrott b250-xt+

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