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    I've used allot of boots over the years. Once I learned that none really last, I buy the cheap boots from Wal-Mart. I get three months out of them and toss them for a new pair. I usually buy two pair at the beginning of the year and toss the first pair July 4th.
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    I second the Thorogood boots mentioned on a previous post. After using Redwing, Carolina, Rocky and Timberland...these have passed all expectations. Composite toe, toe cap keeps leather from rubbing bare, great traction, strong heel, I've broken off a heel on a pair of Timberlands while edging a flower bed once...they are waterproof and have a removable inersole...I wear an orthotic and usually if I wear the orthotic in a boot it rubs a hole on the inside of the heel...not been a problem with the Thorogoods...I picked them up at a local Amish store for about 125$ but they usually go for around 200$ but I am not spending this every six months like some people have mentioned for their boots
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    Georgia wellington boot. I was apprehensive at first because of the grip, and i didn't think the soles would last. These boots are so comfortable. My knees and feet love them! I do a lot of walking and I do a little bit of everything. Lasted two seasons and could go further if i put inserts in them. not as soft anymore. The leather and sole are in great shape. I think they are about $175. I will be buying another pair in a month. get the steel toe.

  4. nightshutter

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    Worst boot I've had are lacrosse "foreman". My knees and feet did not like them!
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    Winter/snow&wet muddy days: the north face chilkats
    Summer mowing days merril Moab mids.
    Or very hot or a lot of walking merril reflex

    Timbaland pro pitboss. I give a thumbs down... steel toe but just to bulky and not very comfortable..

    I liked doc martin boots and Carolinas are ok. But for me the north face and merrils. Wear is about 6 months depending on the type of work...
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    I like Timberland Pro Pit Boss lace up boots. I usually end up using my Ariat slip on boots though because they don't take as long to put on. Every second counts when I usually wake up to my employee calling me to see why I'm not at the shop (20' behind my house) yet.
  8. Will P.C.

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    Custom White's boots. Made to order from your exact foot specs. Top notch construction with very good reputation
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    That's all I get out of a pair of boots but I wear slip in work boot... Right now I have some Ariat work hogs and they are just about shot and I got them in October.
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