Best Broadcast Spreader??

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by pryker, May 17, 2004.

  1. pryker

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    I was fertilizing my lawn a few weeks ago and was using a Brinly tow behind broadcast spreader. What a complete piece of crap!! It started out fine but would clog often, poor distribution pattern and towing it made being consistant a joke. I have to keep leaning back to reach the off lever and with a lawn tractor could not turn short enough.

    I switched to my scotts push spreader. It was 100 times better. My question is this: What is the BEST walk behind spreader and the best tow spreader? Which ones do you guys use and recommend?

    I have 3.5 acres.

  2. ple_1969

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  3. pryker

    pryker LawnSite Member
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    They look good. Let me ask you guys this then:

    I would prefer to get a tow behind as I have such a large yard. But I have better control with the walk behind model even though I feel like I am running a marathon when I use the walk behind. It is hard work.

    What about the electrics? Has anyone tried an electric and mount it on the back of a ZTR? I have a Lazer 60 I could mount it on? What electric do you guys recommend?

  4. BigDave

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    I was in the exact same situation as you, and finally settled on this Spyker spreader: SPREADER 50 SERIES

    It was drop-shipped directly from the factory, so I had to put it together, which was a bit of a pain, but its worked out great. I went with a walk-behind for the extra control, as you mentioned, and also so I don't need to start up the ZTR when I just want to spread a little salt on the ice in the winter.
  5. naturescape

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    Spyker spreaders ABSOLUTELY RULE!

    I bought an Earthway for $100 a few years ago, used it a couple times and threw it out.
  6. RjCjR

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    I've always used a Lesco spreaders. I've seen those things fall out of trucks, dropped, everything! and they're pretty indestructable! Plus, if something ever breaks they're simple to fix
  7. pcnservices

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    Hey pryker
    Here's what you need for your Z rider - a front mount electric broadcast spreader
    Good Luck
  8. BobR

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    have two, one is for the small lawns it is an Earthway 2400 stainless steel broadcast spreader - 5 years and no problems.
    For large areas I use a Jrco Electric Broadcast spreader (pricey at $800.) and it is a life saver on large lawns, construction is Poly, Stainless, Aluminum and Cast Iron, 4 years and no problems.
    No more red face and pounding chest for me...

  9. pryker

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    I bought a JRCO! I went to the local dealer and they had one on display. WOW... very cool! They had to order me one as the one I was looking at was just purchased. While I was there a landscaper came in and I spoke to him about it.

    He says he has many of his ZTR's setup with them and that he loves them. He has had them for 4 years with zero problems. I cannot wait to try it out!! I paid $805 for spreader and $85 for mounting bracket.

    Thanks guys.
  10. gorrell

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