best broadleaf control???

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by johnnywill08, May 29, 2008.

  1. livingsoils

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    Green Gordian in a all natural weed control. I have had good results with it. Most of my lawns are pretty much weeds free so I mostly spot spray with it. I use a lesco backpack with a teejet 8010 nozzle. You can usually get away with 1 application but for best results I usually hit them a second time. What I do is spot spray the weeds and when I am in the area again I swing back and hit them a second time. It only takes a few minutes the second time and I have been getting good results from it.
    It works on most of your common weeds, but has trouble with the tougher weeds like violets and wild strawberry.
    I have found treating in the early Spring when the weeds are just coming up you can get away with a single treatment. Once they go to flower they will need a second treatment or even a third. I do not treat them 3 times in a 2 week period, I just spot spray them when I am out for their next treatment.
    It is expensive so spot spraying keeps the cost down.
    I have not had any burn to the lawn when I applied it even in 80 degree days.

    I attach a link to a thread I started last year with some Pics. I will try to get some new pics soon.
  2. DeepGreenLawn

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    it is a company I looked at a while ago. They are OK but I don't think they fit my program. I was saying there is not a good SELECTIVE herbicide. As far as I know Burn Out is a nonselective, it will kill anything. I have never heard of scythe though.
  3. livingsoils

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    Green Gaurdian IS selective and it is also a fertilizer.
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    Green Guardian 14-0-5 is not considered organic because of the urea in it. It is marketed is edible, rather than organic as all ingredients are in the food or makeup industries. I have used both 14-0-5 and the 5-0-3, and the 14-0-5 works much better on weeds. I use the lawnjet gun with the tk-10 tip from Rittenhouse sprayed at 1 gallon per thousand.

    I usually blanket the first app, then spot treat on the second. As Livingsoils said, the stuff ain't cheap. They are a sponsor and have their own forum on here. Search there for some more info.

    It's funny how 2 guys from Lancaster PA that have never talked to each other and have seen good results with this product, yet there's countless pages of people saying there's no organic or pesticide free selective product. Instead of just asking questions, do some digging! You didn't have to go too far. Just the sponsor forum.
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    So r u saying you CAN kill my dandelions? Without - hurting my grass??
  6. livingsoils

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    That is what I am saying. I will try to dig some pics up. Better yet, maybe I will spray some today and post fresh pictures. In the meantime check out the pictures on the 2nd page of the thread I linked to a few post ago. It has pictures of the GG working on my clover patch.

    You are right Natty, maybe it is the soil in Lancaster that makes it work so well. 90 degrees here for the next few days, keep cool.
  7. NattyLawn

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    You see dandelions and plantain wilt usually within 24 hrs. Complete kill time varies, as it may take up to 30 days for weeds to completely disappear.

    I'll look for the thread with some of my bad pics.
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    Not organic, but Octane is more than 10 times safer than 2,4-D, you only need 4 ounces per acre, and it disappears in 2 hours. Salesman is a sponsor here, but I can't find the link at the moment.
    a link:
  9. Smallaxe

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    Is Green Guardian authorized for use within the 20 foot of a shoreline boundry? Seems like Octane would be safe near the water as well.

    Just wndering if anyone knows an official stand by DNR on these things.
  10. treegal1

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    the octane is a Little bit of Grey area, and there's concern over the way that it lasts in the soil!!! also wearing a real PPE/ PPD in my kind of heat would be suicide, not to mention the cost of the stuff.

    I will stay organo- nut for now, the green guardian was an option until the urea part, how long is that going to last with the cost of urea from china???

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