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I am going to have to change my business name. I chose QUALITY LAWN CARE this year in the spring. I checked the phone book and didn't find a one. I registered my name with the SOS office, so I do "own" it, but now I've found others in town using "Quality" in their name.

I know I could push the issue with them because I'm registered, but I really don't want all the hassle that goes with doing that. I've been doing some small landscaping projects also, and now I want to somehow work that into my name if possible.

I'm going to keep my slogan, "Expect The Best", which I thought went very well with the word Quality.

My nephew is using the name, "A Sharper Image". I'd like to find something catchy like that.

So, please let the creative juices flow….<G>


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I am a firm believer in using your real name as your business name. I think this shows that you are proud of your business and stand behind what you do.Just my opinion,please don't get upset.


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My friend's business is called "Quality Lawn Maintenance". There is also "Quality Lawn Service" in the area. He has gotten phone calls confusing the two names. A typical customer won't see the differance.


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Central Texas
Here's some company names from our neck of the woods:
Clean Cut
Grounds Control
Green Grass Inc.
Creative Visions
Crusader Landscaping
Evergreen Landscape Svcs.
You could be Quality Lawn Maintance and Landscape
or Quality turf management
or Quality Landscape Services
I think Quality should be what they remember so put it first
when discribing yourself. Then when people see you they will say there's Quality! Kind of catchy huh? good luck.



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Ray, I like that Grass Barber..pretty cool name. Some friends of mine down the road have a full service landscape business and they call it "Hayseed Landscaping" , which i think is a great name too.


Lawn Cruiser

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Logan UT
I think that that sounds like a good name. Personaly I like Lawn Cruisers Landscaping (my name of choice) I pick this because I am a Land Cruiser fanatic.


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We have a LAWN Barbers in my area some other good ones around here are:

Personal Lawn Care
Yard Smart
Cutting Edge Lawn Care
Great Lakes Lawn Care
Down to Earth Lawn and landscape

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