Best Class V Trailer Hitch and Best Brake Controller???

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Smalltimer1, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Smalltimer1

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    Well the time has come for me to get another truck. Tomorrow I am taking my old '95 F-250 to Carmax and see what they will offer me on it as I have tried to sell it unsucessfully for the past 6 months. If they give me a decent offer over $6k, I'm gonna take it.

    I ran a KBB report on my truck and it came up with $9500 for the resale value on mine, and I'm hoping to get an offer of $7k or more, so the KBB report was a good sign.

    I plan to take the money from Carmax and pay off the rest of what I owe on this current F-250 and then take that remainder and put it on the '04 F-250 sitting up at the Ford dealer, which brings me to my question. It currently does not have a receiver hitch mounted on it. The dealer said that he would include one of my choice at no extra charge. So my first question is, which receiver hitch is the best?

    I have heard some good things about the Reese Titan, but have been unable to find any info on it.

    My next question is what would be a good brake controller to use? I've heard a lot of good things about the Brake Smart and the Tekonsha Prodigy units, but I'm unsure of which to use, because this is the first time I've outfitted a truck for towing, as I am preparing to get a larger trailer next year and want the truck to be ready for it. My current F-250 has a Tekonsha Actuator and I have had reasonable trouble with getting it to work correctly, so I'm a little bit biased against the Tekonsha unit.
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    I have a Tek. controller. It's ok i guess...i really liked my Hoppy Impulse, but it quit working. I like the brakes being applied gradually.

    The thing i don't like about that truck not having the factory hitch on it, is the other equipment you get with that package. You may check on that...i'm not really familiar with Ford's packaging.
  3. wushaw

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    Reese Titan hitches are good but you will need to always have a sleeve to take up the space since the reciever is a 2 1/2" hole.
    Putnam Hitches are great hitches and heavy duty built. I replaced my broken factory hitch with one and have been very happy with it.
    I have a Jordan ultima 2020 brake controller that is very good, the led reads in amperage draw instead of just voltage (very good for truobleshooting bad trailer brakes), the controller is cable actuated that is attached to the brake pedal so the brakes on the trailer will be proportional to the truck.


  4. Shadetree Ltd

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    The Prodigy is commonly considered one of the best controllers out there, check the trailer forum on some of your Ford sites. Also Ford was going to be (or already has) coming out with a factort class 5 hitch for the super duties. I do not see why it wouldn't fit an 04. If you buy a 2.5" hithc, buy the 2.5" receiver, pretty simple. I have the class 5 Titan and it is fine.

  5. BSDeality

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    I had a tekonosha prodigy in my dodge. It was inertia based and always did the job fine. i had a walmart special brake controller in the truck for about 2 hours and decided it was junk before that.

    Now my newest brake controller is built into my truck, gotta love the '05 ford superduty's built-in option :)
  6. Greybeard

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    I installed a Valley class V (15,000 lb.) hitch on my F350 in 2000, and it's been great. Much more beef than the Ford 10,000 lb. unit. Ford brought out a 15,000 lb. hitch last year, and it should fit your truck. It's supposed to be for the diesels and V10 trucks that can pull 15K, but your frame is the same.
    I have the old style Tekonsha brake box on the pickup, and it works fine as long as the level is adjusted right. The new ones are all digital, and do not need to be adjusted for level. We've got one in a new dump truck, and it works fine, too. Your pickup should have the wiring package all ready for a brake controller. It's under the dash below the radio, and hooks up in about 20 minutes.
  7. Keith

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    For the money, I think the Tekonsha Prodigy is right up there. If the truck has the wiring, you can buy a specific harness for the Prodigy and it is a true plug-n-play deal. You could have it up and running in 5 minutes. With no dollar limit, I would probably look at the BrakeSmart. If I were towing 10k daily I would probably go with the BrakeSmart regardless of cost.

    I would probably go with the Reese Titan V

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