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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jhinton81, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. jhinton81

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    If I were to purchase a commercial mower, what would be the best mower to get for the money? I am on a budget right now since this will be my first year mowing, but would still like to purchase a mower. New or used, what should I purchase? This first year, I will be lucky if I can get 10 yards. My plan is to purchase a really nice mower after a few years and I get established. If that ever happens. Thanks guys.
  2. booboy

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    Quick 32 or 36. I have never owned anything else. But I must say that I am quite impressed with the quality and price. $3000 for a 36 dually. Cant beat that for a commercial grade mower with a Jap engine from what else i`ve seen out there.
  3. dingybigfoot

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    Congrats on your entrepreneurial jump.
    Figure out your pricing and start with the basics,
    a used Toro 21" a used Stihl trimmer and a hand held blower.
    And market market market, to the demograph that will suit your equipment. Consumers are already being bombarded with flyers and direct mailers.
    So get on your bike.
    Don't be discouraged, it will be uphill at first.
  4. ELS LLC

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    I would get a Craftsman they are the best. Just kidding. Purchase a Exmark 36 hydro. If you can get a nice used one do that. They are bulletproof and will make you money. As far as a 21 commercial go with a Toro proline or a Honda HRC commercial. Exmark 21 and 26 are junk. Honda commercials are built like a tank and are very reliable. Good luck.
  5. kilgoja

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    are you talking of a zero turn mower? or walkbehind? or pushmower? are gonna get a thousand different answers here since everyone has their favorites...cheapest commercial grade zero turn mower is gonna cost $6000 or more...most brands are in the same price range for the lower end models...if you are only gonna do 10 yards i say get a good residential mower new or used...i'm kindof in the same position as you are...i bought a 1999 john deere GT275 with a 17 hp kawasaki engine from a guy i knew for $ should last me until i get things up and going and can afford a new mower...don't go out and buy an expensive 8 grand mower unless you know you have enough customers to make payments on it...use the cheapest stuff you can until you get off the ground...but try to find "good" cheap stuff..look for mowers with kawasaki engines or kohler....briggs and straton are ok but aren't as good...go ahead and buy a good commercial trimmer...they cost about $300-$400 and you can get a commercial handheld blower for $200 or less....the backpack blowers cost more but they aren't can always grab one of those later down the road if you want....anyways when i started i already had a truck,trimmer, pushmower and a blower so all i had to buy was a mower and a trailer and a hitch for my truck...i got into business for $3000 which isn't too bad...i can use my dad's mower or trimmer for a backup if anything breaks until i can make enough money to go buy a new mower..he has husqvarna ztr mower and trimmer...people say only use commercial equipment but if you are only cutting 10 yards (2 a day or so) then residential equipment will holdup fine until you can get more customers and afford good commercial equipment
  6. lawnkingforever

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    With consideration of money as the primary factor, I would say the BOP Quick mowers or Snapper Pro for a WB. Between these two brands I would choose Snapper Pro, only because I would like to have some sort of dealer support if I am buying a new machine. If you compare the Quick Dually 44" to Snapper Pro 48":

    Snapper pro: 18 hp engine MSRP $4300
    Quick dually: 16 hp engine MSRP $3600

    Also the new Snapper Pro has a fast height adjustment. If dealer support is not a factor for you then go with the Quick and you save $700.
  7. rwaters

    rwaters LawnSite Senior Member
    from Online
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    he can buy a bobcat gear drive walk from a dealer with support for $3049 with a 36" deck and 16hp Kawasaki engine.
  8. 944own

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    You need to get on craigslist you do not have the accts to justify a new purchase and you can get some great deals. Get a commercial 50in or bigger zero turn for around 2500 to 3000 then use a home owner push mower for gates and grow from there. Good luck this year
  9. guitarman2420

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    I would never buy a "commercial grade" small push mower. To me they are disposable. I buy used non-propelled mowers for 50-60. Stay away from Cub Cadet and Toro residential push mowers. Husquevernaa has a great, Honda powered push mower.
  10. watsmi57

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    buy what your budget allows. don't take on a bunch of debt up front. if all you can afford is homeowner grade stuff at first that's ok. you gotta do what you gotta do. . if i had to do it over again i would try to get a deal on something commercial used. either a ztr or a walk behind . i spent so much time working on my homeowner equipment it's almost not worth it. gravely makes some great high end consumer mowers in the ZT line especially the HD series.

    best commercial mower for the money to me? Gravely hands down

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