Best commercial weedeater under $400?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by M50V, May 23, 2013.

  1. Lazer_Z

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    You've gotta be joking, right? Comparing a trimmer that's almost 30cc's to one that's barely 23. Something isn't right with your 90, it'll run circles around that Maruyama all day long.

    Agreed, the 90 is a beast for it's size.
  2. Choppin

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    I have had the valves set twice... Trust me don't knock the little Marayauma til you have tried it... The 90 has been dependable just bogs down... I run without the guard on all my trimmers... Lazer Z have you ran both of them... If not you havebt the you can't realy speak for which has more power... I'm a Sthil guy through and through just giving a honest review... There isn't a brand out there more dependable than Sthil... I just like the small Marayauma... And you can't compare CCs when comparing a two stroke to a four stroke... As soon as Sthil come out with the FS 92 I will buy one and put my saw on my 90 and leave it... It's a good dependable engine I just favor a 2 stroke... To each his own...
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  3. GMLC

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    I have to agree with Ridin. I have almost all of the attachments for my 90 and rarely wish I had more power. Are there more powerful trimmers, sure. But for a solid shaft trimmer you really cant beat the price and performance.
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  4. Lazer_Z

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    from NJ
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    I haven't run a Maruyama, but I've run trimmers similar in size, like a "pre Echo" Shindaiwa T230 and the older Echo SRM 2100 before Echo change things around with the numbering. I even bought a 210 once, because I was in a pinch and I couldn't get it to cut hardly anything. I can say that the Stihl is a powerful unit, I never ran with the guard off, but did move the guard back as to let more line out. I had the 90 as my dedicated trimmer as well as a KM 130 power head and among the attachments I had the trimmer and I was running the larger 450 Speed Feed Head. I did the same with the guard on the attachment as with the trimmer, I moved the guard back to let more line out.

    I never had a problem with either preforming as a trimmer and 99% of the time I went to the 90, I tried the 130, but at times it was just too much for weekly trimming.

    Something aside from the valves has to be wrong for that trimmer to lack power.
  5. QLM

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    Have you ever run a maruyama? I have to say I would use them exclusively if they were sold anywhere close to me. They give a 5 year comercial warranty for a reason. I have one that survived Katrina. It was under brackish water for about a week. Broke her completely down about two months after cleaned a greased everything and put it to work. Still runs today hanging in the shop as a backup. It is like 10 + years old. It was in 8 ft of salt water! So yes I can see how someone might like them. They are almost unbreakeable. Would like to try their backpack trimmer.

    On the the guys question. Have used a lot of brands. All major brands but red max in trimmers. I have a couple of good friends in the biz and we swap tools from time to time to see how we like different brands without buying them. Bang for buck I would go with a 326ls new to me this season have had it for about a month. Paid 300 for it light as can be plenty of power switched to big speed feed head cuz I like them and moved sheild back about 2 inches and it is just great. The only thing is it has a small gas tank. I loaned it to my buddy cuz I bragged about it so much. After one day of using it he got 5 for his crew. Nice machine for the money!

    Was running t282's for the last few years still carry as backup or if the job is huge and need more fuel to get thru it. T282's are heavy (they have to lie about weight) with great power 326ls is light and has good power and a hundred bucks less.
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  6. Choppin

    Choppin LawnSite Senior Member
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    The Echo 225 isn't even close to my Marayauma in power.... I have had the 90 checked and serviced twice... In my opinion it's under powered... The Marayauma runs so hard it sounds like its bout to blow up... I'm telling you to try one before you knock em becuase when you run it you will be suprised... I have ran a 100 RX before and it had the amount of power i like...
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  7. Ridin' Green

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    Me personally, I'm not telling you that the Marayauma is a weakling or anything of the sort. I've never ran one, but my litlle 223L is several cc's less than my n90 and not that far behind it powerwise when it comes to plain grass trimming.

    I am telling you there's something wrong with your 90 if you believe that it feels weak as a trimmer, no and's if's or but's about it. The 90 when running as it should is very powerful for it's size engine. Trimming any type of grass takes nowhere near the cahones that using the power sweeper attachment in thick, wet, heavy gravel that has been winter packed in tall grass does, and the 90 does it with ease.

    I like my 223L because it is 2 stroke and simple, and it has plenty of power for regular trimming, and does quite well in tall, thick stuff with good line.
  8. unit28

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    bet there's a clogged arrestor screan somewhere.
  9. slowleak1

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    I still to this day run my echo 210. Another guy I cut with every week has a 210 and a maryauma and its a piece of crap. When it runs right it is by far the most powerful trimmer I have ever run. Only problem is, it's extremely heavy and plagued with throttle cable issues from a bad design by maryauma. We both run the 210 over the maryauma. I ran a fs90 once and couldn't see buying that over another echo 225 ( can't find anymore 210's)

    Never ran a husky but I do want to try one out
  10. Choppin

    Choppin LawnSite Senior Member
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    Already removed don't run then... I will put in the shop and let em check it out... Could be something wrong... If so it had something wrong with it new... Not real strong when I got it..
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