Best Customer Complaints!

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by carguyrob, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. mnglocker

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    I won't cut for anyone who want it less than once per week. The only customers I've ever had problems with as far as bad checks and what not were the bi-weekly ones when I started.

    Here's another gem of advice, have all your customers prepay. Why whould you finance their property maintenance interest free?
  2. Texas Lawn

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    a trick I learned when collecting for parties while in school, cause people dont want to pay, especially poor college kids. Take something that belongs to them. May be a little harder since you dont go in the house but when I needed to collect $25/person for a party, I would "borrow" TV or nintendo remotes, backpacks, shirts, whatever I could get. Then I would simply place a call and let them they dont have to pay if they dont want to, but if they do, theyll get their items back. Went from about 60% collection rate to 100%.

    Long story short: Take their stuff
  3. bradseabridge

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    That's a horrible idea in the real world.
  4. Texas Lawn

    Texas Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    I was obviously kidding when suggesting to steal their stuff and hold it ransom. In reality, a seriers of well placed, threatening calls to their home and place of business will do the trick.
  5. BCLawns

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    Had a lady ask for an estimate. her house was located in an area of nice homes. I went and looked at her yeard. Was horribly over-grown. She also had about 30 bags of mulch to be spread. Mulch had been sitting there since last year!

    I gave her a price of $100.00 to clean the place up. She said she couldn't afford it! Her house was 5000 sq ft and she had a Jag and a Vette in the garage.

    She tried to barter an office desk for it! Saying that's all she had to pay with. I asked "why didn't you ask me if I needed a desk before I came over?"

    she said, because I knew you wouldn't come.:dizzy:
  6. JoeHop6299

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    I have ran into alot of people ,that do not like stripes. WTF??
    It's mostly older people(I think?):confused:
  7. NarNar

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    One customer said the grass "still looked high," so I said, "You know your right, I can shorten it for you, but I will bag it so we don't leave to much clipping." I just ran my mower on her grass without powering the blade.

    Customer came out and said, "now, doesn't that look better," I replied, "Yep, I am glad your eyes are much better then mine, here's the invoice." In my head I was thinking Oh WTF Lady, WTF!!! FFFF, I am 20 min behind schedule because you decided to have a creative power struggle.
  8. alanauer

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    "Yes Ma'm, you don't miss a thing. As I'm sure you know, I priced your work on the basis of how fast I could mow [the widest mower I could use on] your lawn. I'd be glad to go slower [use a narrower mower], but then I'd have to charge more. I'll do it whatever way you prefer."

    "I'm impressed how much you know about protecting driveways. So I'm glad to tell you that all our machines are all light-weight models with special wide tires so driveways don't even feel them. Still, I could lay planks under them, but all that extra time and equipment raises the price. I'll do it whatever way you prefer."

    Yup. I overheard a car mechanic telling a customer, "Now these top-quality brake parts, unlike the cheap ones, these are designed to bed in over time. During this process they often squeak a bit. So if you hear any squeaking, you'll know they're working right."
  9. alanauer

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    Shoes: you don't need a written contract to file an action in Small Claims for the debt plus costs. If they deny that you did the work or that they agreed to pay you for it, it's your word against theirs, and you have your records (both for this bozo and for your entire business). The judge usually sides with the plaintiff, especially if you document your efforts to collect.
  10. JFGauvreau

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    This is mainly for driveway sealing, but I was out yesterday booking some jobs, ended up getting 5 jobs on the street, all the same size of the driveway (I measured them up) so they were all around 170-190$ each. I got another one I gave a quote to the husband for 350$ since it was almost twice as long.

    Her wife comes up and tells me: This is ridiculous! Why should I spend 350$ and all of my neighbors gets it done for 170-190$. Then I tell her it's because I go by the sq foot and her driveway is twice the size as her neighbors. Then she tells me can't you just make a fair price for everyone? Then i'm like umm no since your neighbors would all be spending extra money for your driveway.

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