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Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by carguyrob, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. cowboyslandscaping

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    i have had many complaints

    I like the stripes of s 21 much better than the stripes of the 36.

    One lady called me up and said her lawn was full of dandelions, when I show up not a single dandelion. She said she just wanted me to come over so that she could pay me and didnt want to waste 42 cents on a stamp.

    One lady chewed me a new one last month saying that her lawn is in the worst condition she has ever seen it. yet she doesn't fertilize or water and wants the grass cut once every 3 weeks.

    People are dumb.
  2. lnplawncare

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    I know what you mean about that. Sometimes when I do an estimate I can almost tell from the customer that recieving payment will be a problem. One time I almost had a lady "cancell" a mulching job when I already had the mulch being delivered as we spoke. I calmly explained to her that I had already payed for the mulch and it was on its way and if she didnt go on with the contract I was gonna have the guy dump it on her car. The thing that gets me is people that dont pay you when you obviously know where they live. If i didnt pay someone, id be afraid to find that windows busted out of my car or my mailbox smashed.
  3. alanauer

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    "I don't use contracts so I cant go through court and the lady will not talk to me at all. I am out a total of about $325. Is there anything I can do about it?"

    Laws on this might vary from one jurisdiction to another, and I'm no lawyer, but my understanding is that a verbal contract is very much a contract.

    Write her a letter stating your claim with as much reasonable detail as you can manage, and giving your next-step intention to file a court claim for the amount owing plus costs within, say, two weeks if not paid in full.

    Then go to your local Small Claims Court for a filing form, and do it. They will help you, and you already have almost all the wording. You can add the filing fee and maybe a couple hundred for legal consultation.

    In court, if she doesn't show, you get judgement, whereupon you can have a bailiff seize some of her assets if she doesn't pay. If she disputes it, it's your word against hers, and the court usually sides with the plaintiff (that's you) in these cases.
  4. desert rose gardening

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    Will you cut the grass shorter, I can't find our dogs poop!
  5. IES

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    Your cutting it too cheap! At first I thought he meant it looked cheap but no he said it looked great but I wasn't charging enough. I asked how much should I charge and he gave me a number I liked very much.
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  6. Rake 'n Bake

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    I was planting a tree with the customer standing over me, watching. When I go to roll the tree into the hole he stops me and says, "Your boss told me you'd dig the hole twice as big as the root ball." I said well, let's measure. This is a 24" root ball and the hole is 4 feet wide. I dismiss his blank expression and start rolling the root ball into the hole when he stopped me again saying, "but, he said it would be twice as big as the root ball."

    Also have an old lady who complains that I scalp the side of her bank even though she insists I mow at either 3 1/2" or 4".

    Same lady wanted maple trees planted against her house, and I mean a foot away from the wall, as a screen because her neighbors say she's watching them.
  7. PerfectEarth

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    Guy wondering why the grass seed I used last Fall had so many weed in it.
  8. Lbilawncare

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    Had a tenant tell me that what I was doing was really hard work and I should think about hiring someone to do it.
    Another customer complained that her yard was shifting from different shades of green from morning to night, had to tell her that it was the shadows from the tree in her yard.
  9. tlc1994

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    Customer: "Could you use a broom and dustpan to sweep up the clippings on the driveway? I don't you to blow them back on the grass, it'll just kill the lawn."

  10. lawnman24949

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    Not a customer complaint but neighbor compliant earlier this year it was so wet you could not get a mower on some lawns. I had this one lawn that had about a quarter acre underwater for about a month. Well three weeks into the season they say they are tired of looking at it and wanted me to cut it because it was over a foot high. I told the neighbor to look at the area and told him if he saw the 6 inches of standing water. The words he said were i see your point why you have not cut it and walked away. Some people:hammerhead:

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