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Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by carguyrob, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. 101 Lawn Care

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    Same thing here, done this yard for the last 3 years same apps every year. Now he is saying that it is not as green as when it was done before. Will see how he likes the color after a 1 and 1/2lbs of N is applied per K. Hope his mower blades are sharpened.
  2. Trees Too

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    Nothing like some quick release, HI Nitro UBM to make 'em mow every 3 days!!! :dizzy:

    TLCAWF LawnSite Member
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    You ripped the gutters off the top of my house with your mower, huh. I knew I was mowing fast but she must have thought I was actually flying.
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  4. myblacktruck

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    This makes me stare at the computer, and say WTF you can't be serious lady.:wall:wall
  5. UVA2002

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    Can you go any lower
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    TLCAWF LawnSite Member
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    That's how I felt. Mean less to say. She was dropped.
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  7. myblacktruck

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    from Pa
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    I'm thinking right after you dropped her you should have called the people with the white coats, because she's completely bat **** crazy.
  8. CMassey

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    i bought an ariens zoom 34 after reading internet reviews it's easy to transport,maintain,cuts well,and gets into alot of tight spaces and backyards that bigger o turns can't pass through.trimmer is an echo pas230.i bught it because it has the ability to add 13 different attachments like a pole cutter and hedge trimmer this machine will save time and money as well as allow you to add extra attachments for various jobs which will make you more money.advertise in your local paper have it read yards starting at $15 that will get people to call and obviously when you give them an estimate if their yard is worth more you charge them accordingly i cut yards up to $70 from this ad it also doesnt hurt to add exrerienced references and insured shop around through american family insurance i pay $31 a month place flyers in supermarkets laundrymats pizza shops quickie marts and use the samse technique yards starting at $15 i have @ 60 accounts and only cut 4 lawns for $15 and tey are very small success is easy as long as your willing to work your ass off stay positive and don't give up

    Wow after 9 whole months you have it all figured out! Man I wish I had known you 24 years ago when I started, it would have saved me so much heartburn.
  9. Utah Lawn Care

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    I had a client tell me to skip this week because he put a $50 bag of weed and feed on his lawn. His lawn is 3500 square feet and the $50 bags cover 15,000 square feet. The next 4-6 weeks are going to be fun.
  10. Overwatch

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    Years ago, one elderly woman who was a mowing client of mine asked if I could leash one of my cats to a post in her yard for a few days to deal with her mole problem... I eventually wound up giving her account away to a friend of mine.

    Another client whose fruit tree had been ravaged by deer damage accused me of having caused it during mowing. Yeah I typically tear off the bark of saplings three feet off the ground while mowing ....
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