Best Customer Complaints!

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by carguyrob, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Overwatch

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    If I had a dime for every time I heard this, I'd, well, have lots of rolls of dimes...
  2. alanauer

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    "I sure wish I could. Actually, I have to raise my rates because of higher [insurance or whatever] costs that kick in this week, and your is the last quote I can give at that price."
  3. Ijustwantausername

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    I can relate! Had a guy want this done on some incredibly overgrown beds - needless to say I tried everything I could to convince him otherwise, when he didn't comply I gave him the crazy price. Never heard from him about it again.

    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    Best I've heard was, " I don't want my taxes to go up just mow it and that's it"

    That was at least 7 years ago lol
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  5. grassmonkey0311

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    Just got one yesterday....

    Got a email from a lady on why she wouldn't use my service. Here it is!

    I received a card on my door with your information and i was interested until i read what your company WON'T do.

    #1 not knowing when you will come & won't be notified is a problem, that is very poor customer service.
    #2 How do you feel that gates should remain unlocked for you? This is putting the home owners safety at risk.
    #3 Credit cards being billed for a service that has not been rendered for manual labor is unheard of.

    A better suggestion would be for you have a set schedule for those customers on a bi-weekly service plan and offer a professional courtesy to the customers who have fences no later than 2 days prior. Your schedule should not change that much. And as far as the credit card being charged before service, i feel that the day the service is rendered a charge should be made.

    I understand that this is probably a small business, these are just a few suggestions from what was a potential customer."

    She seems like she would be just swell to deal with! I wish I could answer it like this:

    #1 It rains. Equipment breaks down. Employees get sick. Holidays. Accidents. Injuries. And after all those reasons, I don't want to hear complaints from you when I email/call you saying we got held up.
    #2 I'm an overweight 30 year old. I guarantee you I can hop right over your 6 foot fence. If you think your fence is there for protection, your a moron. Heck, I could probably kick a hole through it.
    #3 Your credit card is billed prior to service because your broke arse will probably have a declined card. The last thing I want to do is chase you down for $40.
  6. Kawizx62003

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    a pita potential customer will be a potential pita customer Yay
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  7. humble1

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    from MA
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    I got a few good ones as of late.

    Its been a dry spring 5 weeks with only a few days of rain.

    Woman calls says they tuned the sprinklers on for 45 min a zone and the next day the lawn was still brown, I say it will take weeks to bring it back. She say it must be grubs then! No its drought stress, you just told me the irrigation was off. She says well we turned it on the other day, it should be green by now..... Nope it takes weeks.
  8. Mdirrigation

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    I was repairing a sprinkler system for a guy nice house in a $ 400,000 neighborhood ,I gave him a bill , he looked at it and complained , " thats twice what I make an hour and I am a lawyer " I looked him straight in the eye and said " I use to be a lawyer now I do this "
  9. sjessen

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    Wished there was a "like" button for posts like this one.
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  10. Trees Too

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    Yeah I had a PITA customer throw his "lawyer-ness" in my face one time. He said something to the effect, "Do you know that I'm a lawyer?" To which I responded, "Do you know that I'm a Certified Applicator?" Followed by "You don't tell me how I should spray your landscape, and I won't tell you how to practice law!" :nono:

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