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Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by carguyrob, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. neatness lawn care

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    we had a lot of rain last week. rained two days solid. on the second day of solid rain i had a new customer contact me to ask why i was not mowing her yard today. i had to inform her due to 48 hours on constant rain i felt her yard was to wet.. I told her we could not work for her any more a few days later when we could get over there.
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    This is way to comical.
    Here are some I have gotten over the years:

    "Why didn't your mower suck up my rocks and crab apples"

    "My lawn looks better when it is mowed with a push mower"
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  3. oqueoque

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    Your guys ran over the piles of sticks we had on the lawn and scattered them all over the property, so now you have to pick the sticks up, and put them back in two piles. One in the front and one in the back.
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    Client " why does my lawn not get long like the neighbours"

    Me " cause I cut it each week"
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  5. KUMA01

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    Just a few of mine
    Had a custemer leave out of town for 6 weeks and on the 7th week they finally showed up I ask them to write a check for the previous 6 weeks now and then I'll do this weeks and I need to be paid for thAt now also. Custemer I can't find my checkbook me ok Ill see u next week. Custemer what do u mean.... wtf I explained it to you and I dropped them the next week because they were complaining I wasn't doing maintanance like a contract said which was a paper with words typed on it with weeding, seeding, mulching ect. I said where is my signature and yours. F*cking idiots
    Another is don't want you using gas equipment it hurts the environment and they gave me a ryobi electric trimmer and blower to use.
  6. ReeceJ87

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    I had once "I don't want you spraying my lawn with chemicals, I want you to pick the cover/chickweed/dandelions by hand." no thanks I don't get paid by the weed, and we have ten other lawns to do.
  7. OP

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    Hahaha, did you remind them their electric trimmer and blower run on coal?

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