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Best day ever, almost.

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Ok, I'll try to keep this short. My superduty's drive shaft decided that yesterday would be a great time to destroy the carrier bearing. I'm going away this weekend and had to scramble. The truck is somewhat still driveable as long as at low speed. Carrier bearing (center support) only holds the shaft in place. So this morning I set out extra early in hopes to get today's route and tomorrow's route done. The big guy upstairs must have been watching my back because EVERYTHING went so smooth. No equipment trouble, truck survived, no customer problems, well almost I did so well that I even started a few of Wednesday's route. I have a very close relationship with my customer's. The Wednesday's route consisted of elderly people, so their happy that the lawn just gets cut once a week. Most asked questions as to my re-scheulding. You could set a watch to my timing. But most of my customer's were very understanding. In fact alot of my customer's said it was an admirable effort to see that the lawn's are done before the holdiday weekend. Made me feel good. Well, only ONE customer had a complaint. She is a early Tuesday customer, but today she was done around noon. She came out with an attitude and I tried to explain the situation. She said that I should have taken care of my truck better. ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME:angry: My truck lives the life of a princess. I wish I had it as good. So now I'm a little mad. I ask her if she would like to have it cut on Thursday. She said no, but I still should have planned this better. I told her I was trying the best I could do. She said, Well, maybe you should try harder. GET A NEW LANDSCAPER! was my next words. I have been looking to unload this sack of S$#T. And now she is gone.

To top all this of I picked up the neighbor to her left. I now do 7 houses all around her. I was cutting her house at a great price. About $5 less than it's worth. This might explain the several calls to my cell from her husband appoligizing for her action's and asking for one more chance. I'll let them sweat for another day or so. Really don't want them back.

Sorry for the long post. Have a good evening to all. :usflag::waving:
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How old is she??? :laugh: If she hasn't got long to go, you might should have kept them so you'd have the cool old man once she bit the big one. :laugh::drinkup: No, just kidding...from what you said it sounds like you did the right thing.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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