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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by earlofcrankcase, Jun 26, 2006.

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    The get to know joint seemed like the best spot for this. Seeing how you guys don't have a spot dedicated to highlights.

    So here goes.

    Out of my 8 or so years in the concrete biz. I had my best day yet on the 23rd of this one. I replaced a driveway across the street form a good looking girl about 35yrs old or so. She asked for an estimate & I told her I didn't have my measuring wheel but I would be back the next day to clean up so I would bring it then. Next day comes around. Were taking the forms off.
    & I figure it's about time to go across the street to play Bob Barker. So I do. I'm measuring the driveway & I smell this strong scent of suntan oil. I start thinking. Oh sweet, that pool she showed me yesterday is going to look damn good now! I go through the back gate & what do I see? One sexy ass hottie laying face down by her pool. At first I thought she had a G on, but as I walked up...... Ya you guessed it brother. The full Montie. I Didn't know if she was going to freak or what because she had some headphones on. But what can I say I must have a lot of moth in me. I just keep going towards the flame. After an awkword excusse me. She roles over like it's nothing. NOT TRUE. Man it was a hell of a thing. What made it even better was she was so cool with it. I cover the rest of the ground with a ooh lookin damn good there baby & I crouch down to chair level. As I do I kind of fell back against the garage. & I said damn I think my knees just played out on me. Anyhow you know how it goes, you think of all kind of crap to say after it's too late. & sorry to say it brothers but that's how it went down. Best I could come up with was. I might as well go home now, this looks like i hit the high point of my day.
    (more like my career right?). Even gave her the #'s I had figured out before I hit the gate. Oh well. What can I say. I've been looking at the same set for 15yrs. & the ones in the tit joints just don't build up the tolerance to real world tits.
    They messed me up!
    It could have gone down better, but the dully in the driveway & the bench press in the garage (with real weght on it) had me thinking homeslice was still in the picture somewhere. Probably taking em too. Who knows?
    At least I got out of there without paying her to replace her driveway WTF.
    God has a stange sence of humer but if you can live crap like that & not come of the path ,I'm cool with the tests.
    My wife dug it too. (in a round about way) Thats not a sin is it?
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    Sounds like an awesome day but you know what they say...

    worthless without pics! :cool2:
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    Been watching HBO late at night lately for post ideas?
  4. all ferris

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    Can you say "American beauty"????? Your wife hasn't been hanging out with any realators lately, has she?? JK

    Good story though. I keep waiting for one of the college girls that live at the appartments I cut at to invite me in.

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    Give me a break what is this penthouse forum.
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    your career, hell, that was the best day of mine too. living vicariously through you isn't a sin, is it? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    btw - welcome to lawn site
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    In Aussie on a current affairs show the other day was about trades men and how ladys come out with no clothes on and get payed,:rolleyes: or come out and say how do you want to get paid,:eek: one lady spoke of getting all the work done around the house with sex,:) only one trades man knocked her back and she has plenty more things she wants done around the place :cool2:
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    All Ferris, what is your company name? I see your from Bellevegas

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