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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lee b, Jan 31, 2001.

  1. lee b

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    I know there are plenty of threads on this subject, but they really don't answer my questions. My accounts are mowed bi-weekly, there all industrial sites and won't go to weekly service. Grass is always overgrown and tough, lots of bahia and bermuda grass, and usually wet. I've been using stamped decks and I've never had to scrape them, I've read that fabricated decks get build-up. Fab. decks are usually heavier built, I like that. I'm buying a new ztr within the next couple weeks and have narrowed it down to either Exmark or Deere {yes that's deere as in john deere, please don't laugh}. Your opinions would be appreciated.
  2. Eric ELM

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    From my experiance, the deeper the deck, the better it works on tall grass. I have a JD Stamped heavy duty deck 60" cut that just sits in the shop. Demo them both and you decide. I will never buy another stamped deck after using a fabricated deck, but that is just my opinion.
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    I had that same deck on my F935 and it did cut poorly. I do however feel that it was a blade tip speed and blade lift wing angle issue more than the design of the stamping. The design was OK, could have been a little deeper in the rear, but was heavy and tough. If I would have had a gas engine on it, I probably could have coaxed a few hundred more RPM's out of it and it probably would have cut OK. But since mine and yours were Yanmar diesels, you cannot change rpm's. The blades that I had were VERY thick 3/16" and had almost no lift wing. You had to use brand new sharp as a razor blades and a freshly scraped deck to even come close to the cuts I get now on fast, dull bladed days. Its a shame JD couldn't have had us as engineers back then, huh?

    Oh well, I like fabbed decks better now too!

  4. Evan528

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    I cut one bermuda lawn here in Pa with my z master. Cuts perfectly and does not leave any uncut grass blades stickin up.
  5. 65hoss

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    I think I would try the exmark and the Dixie Chopper. Both have high blade tip speeds and do very well in about any conditions.
  6. Mark

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    If that grass is two weeks tall i bet the Z-Master will cut it better than the Fabricated,Do to the way the grass flows in the baffels. Just my guess. Marks Mowing Service PS I know it would if it gets wet.

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