Best design for a leaf box on my 1 ton?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by M&MLawn, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. M&MLawn

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    I have to build a leafbox to go on my dump truck. Its an easterner dump bed with about 2 foot sides on it currently. I took the time on the sides when I built them originally, so they would last. All pressure treated 2x6, Faced with alum. diamond plate, stainless hardware, large stainless eye hooks on the insides for tie downs, etc. I want to build something thats going to last. I think a top hinge is the best design that I have seen. How does the box get loaded onto the trucks typically? Or does it get assembled every year? I was going to use PT plywood and supports. I am thinking another 4 feet taller? What would be a good paint or covering over the wood? Would you build a different setup or just attach the box to the sides I have now? Any tips, build pictures, do's and donts are all welcome. I do not want to screw plywood together like last year! Thanks!
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    I am in the same boat. Right now I am planning on a 6' high plywood box that slides in and secures to the side with a couple bolts. Will be easy to remove for plowing. Haven't decided on barn doors or top hinge.
  4. M&MLawn

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    Anybody....I know you guys have mastered these boxes I just want to make something decent.
  5. BigMike450

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    If you find a link or pics load 'em up need to build a box in a 10' mason dump.
  6. QuadRacer041

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    heres mine, worked out great for me.

    1022081525a [Desktop Resolution].jpg

    1024081419a [Desktop Resolution].jpg

    10220815221a [Desktop Resolution].jpg
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    those pics were taken just after i hung the mesh tarp over the plywood frame. I used furring strips all the way around the box where the tarp wrapped over the wood to keep it tight.
  8. M&MLawn

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    Thanks for the pics, I started construction today on the sides. I am doing pressure treated framing, outdoor CDX then covering it with a roofing tar. I have 2x6's running along the tops and bottoms and then 2x4's for the uprights. I decided to use my existing sideboards and build up 4 feet from there. I am going to tie the side boards to box using lags and flat stock metal. I am not sure about the roof yet but I have large L brackets and I may install some mesh on the front or top for vents. I am in the process of getting the doors figured out. I am pretty sure on the dual barn doors on each side to distribute the load along the sides instead of a large top hinge. I will get pics up for others when I can. FYI pressure treated plywood is twice the price of the outdoor CDX, marine grade is over 80 bucks a sheet so that was out. The PT framing I am using wood from a deck I removed so its not pretty but no one will ever see it. I have decided on a tar based covering to keep the cost down because there is so much square footage to cover. I hope to have to completed by the weekend.
  9. SpruceLandscape

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    Guys, I'm going to post pics this week of my setup on the dump truck as soon as its finished. I used to do similar things with plywood on my dump insert as you guys are on your 1 tons but found myself spending a small fortune on PT plywood, 2x4's, and fasteners.

    My new dump has a 12' landscape body with poly sides and floors, 4' high sides with barn doors in the rear and a side door. I'm going with 1" 20' sections of pvc irrigation pipe fastened to the insides of the body with brackets and stainless hardware to create a hoop system that I can simply bungy the tarp down with. The plan is to cut the 20' sections down to 18'. This should give me a 3' high bow over the rear doors high enough for the loader to discharge through while its mounted at the front of the trailer. Tarp is 12' wide by 20' long to provide plenty of area to wrap the front and around the discharge tube of the leaf vac. Plus, once I have the hardware mounted to the inside, it should take all of 2 minutes to change back and forth, just a matter of bending the pipes into or out of the clamps and removing or pulling the tarp on.
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    This is my setup. Built it in 2001 and still use the same box today. I load it on the truck with forks that go in fork slots in the rear. A year or so after I built the box I went with a front mount vac. Here is the pic of that setup in a different post.

    This box was made out of angle iron and 3/4 plywood finished with deck stain.


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