Best Dump Trailer for the $$$?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by NBI Lawn, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. NBI Lawn

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    Been looking for a dump trailer and am wondering what you guys feel is the best dumper for the money. Looking for a 14' 14,000lbs trailer. I have seen the ones that have drop sides which would be great, I want a scissor lift, has to have ramps for the skid.

  2. Tom B.

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    We roll a 14' 14,000lb Load Trail. It has ramps that slide out from the back and a scissor lift. They are pretty similar to the PJ trailers. I think we paid around 7K. We looked at several and have been happy with our choice. Big Tex trailers seem to be the stoutest but they also cost $$$$$.
    I imagine the ones with the drop down sides are deckovers. If that's the case, pay attention to how high the bed is off the ground, especially for loading/unloading a skidsteer. Also, if you can, have D rings welded to the sides (not the bed) about 6" above the bed.
  3. mag360

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    We bought from all pro trailers in jacksonville fl. december of 2006.
    7x14, 13200gvw, dual rams, steel ramps, 24in sides, barn doors, $5000.
    They can build to spec to a certain extent and the prices are good---paint is a little flakey at the door latch and on the d-rings but other than that it's a solid trailer. In Pa we could probably still sell it now for the new cost.
  4. patpls

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    Hey NBI, I'm up here in the Twin cities and have a Sands, now Midsota 14ft 12,000lb built in 2000. Been great and other than tyres and bearings it's needed nothing. I carry my Bob in it almost daily during the season so it gets some miles on it. I'd buy it again, so no regrets here. Can't remember where they're made but it's here in Mn somewhere.

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